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The 5 Types of Leadership Style and How To Make Your Employees Happier

THE 5 TYPES LEADERSHIP STYLE AND HOW TO MAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES HAPPIER. #1 DEMOCRATIC #2 EMPOWERING Fosters/allows workers to have direct decision Favours team involvement and decision making by the group. Gives instruction after consulting the group. making responsibilities. of workers prefer 24 this style.. of workers prefer 20 this style.. -HOWEVER, ONLY- -HOWEVER, ONLY- think this is what think this is what 16* they actually get 12% they actually get #3 EMPATHETIC #4 VISIONARY Sets a tone so workers feel engaged, valued and guided to succeed. Provides clear vision allowing for cohesive progress towards a shared goal. of workers prefer 20 this style. of workers prefer 17* this style. -HOWEVER, ONLY- -HOWEVER, ONLY- thi 7* this is what think this is what they actually get they actually get OTHER STYLES... #5 AUTHORITATIVE HUMBLE SERVITUDE Direct approach, expects orders will be followed Focuses on listening, establishes a spirit of service for workers. without question. of workers prefer 29 this style.. MORAL / ETHICAL -HOWEVER, ONLY- Insistence on ethical behaviour by all, practicing the 'golden rule' in all dealings. think this is what 4* they actually get OUT OF THE 5 STYLES 81% OF WORKERS PREFER DEMOCRATIC, 81% EMPOWERING, EMPATHETIC OR VISIONARY. ONLY 43% OF THEM SAY 43% THIS IS WHAT THEY GET 48% 38* 38% of workers worldwide said they feel inspired by their manager to do their best work. of workers of workers worldwide said worldwide said that they didn't believe in the employer's mission/purpose or didn't know what their mission was they were satisfied with their current management leadership style. 35% 8/10 41%>38* countries who of UK workers Workers with a professional and technical skill set are experience the highest levels of leadership dissatisfaction are in Europe. said they were satisfied by their management's leadership style. Whilst 44% felt more content with (Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, France, Switzerland) they were inspired to do their best by their managers their management's leadership style (41%) compared with those with non-P/T skill sets (38%) HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH YOUR MANAGEMENTS LEADERSHIP STYLE? (BY INDUSTRY) 45% 44% 43% 43% 41% 41% 41% 39% 39% 38% 37% From WAYS TO KEEP EMPLOYEES HAPPY, ENGAGED & APPRECIATED Have a clear mission/vision that employees can get behind and engage with. 56% Vs. 23% Show that you care about other people and the community and not just profits. APPRECIATION When it came to appreciation 56% of senior management felt that their company was above average at appreciation but only 23% of staff shared that O Give employees the ability to have ownership where they can solve problems their way and express individuality. Empower your employees such as helping them to design their own workspaces and d├ęcor for the office. sentiment. A staggering 54% of workers said that they would likely leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated by their manager. 54% O Provide and ask for regular feedback, don't wait until the yearly review. O Encourage your employees to 'live' the brand, they need to be passionate about your mission and brand so that it reminds them why they work for your company and they can share that passion with the customers. 63% RESPECT O Place a premium on employee health. 63% of workers who not feel that they are treated with respect intend to leave within two years. O Let go of any negative opinions you may have about your employees. 69% Make sure your employees have everything they need to do their jobs. RECOGNITION 69% of employees would work harder if they were better recognized O Get to know your employees, to understand their goals, their stresses and show an interest in their 89% of people who are recognized feel appreciated at their job whilst only 17% of people felt appreciated when they hadn't been recognized. wellbeing. 89% O Create a consistent company culture that they can get behind. 17% TOP 5 REASONS COMPANIES USE RECOGNITION INCENTIVES: RECOGNITION PROGRAMS: 76% To recognize years of service 77% Certificates or plaques 74% Create a positive work environment 62% Cash 47% Gift certificates Motivate high performance 71% 36% Company logo merchandise Create a culture 69% of recognition 36% Food 66% Increase morale Don't offer token gestures, giving someone a stapler for a 5 year anniversary is sending out the message that the achievement is insignificant. JULY Workers want some form of recognition every week! 14 Only 12% of workers said they received frequent recognition for their work. 12% RECOGNIZED EMPLOYEES: 92% 86% 70% say they are proud to work where they do say their job makes them say they would recommend their own products happy TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE RECOGNITION INCLUDE ELIMINATE BE SPECIFIC BE QUICK EVERYONE FAVOURITISM NBI NAMEBADGES INTERNATIONAL Sources: V1b3JhYjA3YTAyeTIOaSJ9 BUSINESS SERVICES EDUCATION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOVERNMENT UTILITIES / OIL / GAS XXT CHEMICALS HOSPITALITY / TRAVEL / LEISURE .

The 5 Types of Leadership Style and How To Make Your Employees Happier

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Understanding your employees needs but still keeping that leadership status can be quite hard so we've created a help guide for you to balance the two.


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