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5 Tips To Maxmize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking

S ReferralCandy PRESENTS TIPS TO MAXIMIZE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION VIA GROWTH HACKING TRY EVERYTHING. FIGHT FOR TRACTION. Chatrooms Social Media Paid Ads You can't get traction without hustling. "Airbnb now seems like an unstoppable juggernaut, but early on it was so fragile that about 30 days of going out and engaging in person with users made the difference between success and failure." Paul Graham Co-Founder, Y Combinator Source ***** SHOPIFY SOCIAL COMMERCE STUDY ** Which Social Media Platforms Lead To Sales? Facebook dominates Shopify's overall social media traffic (2013). 63% of Shopify visits from social media came from Facebook. But Reddit grew the most in terms of Shopify purchases (2013): 152% 122% 129% 79% in Orders from Reddit grew 152%! Remember, these are general statistics. Your target audience may differ! Source: ★ * ** ** SEEDING THE TIP JAR * ** * * flickr Chris Blain + Follow Winter is coming to Northern California. A Stewart Butterfield, Dinah Sanders, and Kerstin faved this Stewart Butterfield 3y Crazy! Co-founder of Flickr! Frank 3y Wow In the early days, co-founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake frequently commented on users photos to keep the community engaged. Their team spent nearly 24 man-hours a day leaving comments. Source: http://kottke. ora/06//hosting-a-party \ EasyBib Chicago Tribune TOP NEWS Students' site eases task of writing bibliography Aagust ao, aoo By Agtina Gue, Trilae taff reporter. Writing an essay withut incuding a bibiography is a E way to eam the wrath of an English teacher. Or at kast an incompkte gade, ot wve Bat Neal Taparia, a student at iadale Central Itigh Shool, has deveiepod aselatian for atadeta ina pinch. Teparia's Eaaykian Webaite furaut und alphaleticn bibligaphia fur free, ainplfying his bedioua tank for stadents at every level To promote their product (a bibliography tool) the team behind EasyBib invaded educator resource blogs, AOL chatrooms, and sent emails to publications. Their efforts landed them on the front page of the Chicago Tribune's business section. * * * * HELP YOUR PRODUCT MARKET ITSELF Everyone's gonna be talking about this killer left hook! Hotmail's "Get your free email at Hotmail" footer helped them get 20,000+ signups a day. "We would notice the first user from a university town or from India, and then the number of subscribers from that region would rapidly proliferate. From an epidemiological perspective, it was as if Zeus sneezed over the planet." Steve Jurvetson VC investor in HotmalI Soorce: **** ** DROPBOX CASE STUDY * * Dropbox's Signups Increased Permanently by 60% After Incorporating Referrals Conversions 1.6x 1x Before After Dropbox CEO Drew Houston cited Sean Ellis's surveys, split tests and landing page optimizations as "big wins" in encouraging word-of-mouth. 2.8 million! 30 Days 2.8 million referral invites were sent out just 30 days after the campaign launched. Source: hetp:// * *** BAKING REFERRALS INTO PRODUCTS **** LUNATIK YOU LUNATIK LT APP CASH Lunatik's mobile app encourages you to share its products with your friends. If your friend enters her email into the app and makes a purchase, she gets a discount while you get a cash reward. Source hetps// copy split the bill 12GB 4GB 4GB 4GB Copy, a filesharing service provider, encourages referrals with Fair Storage: a file shared between 3 friends only takes up a third of its size on each account. Source: * * * * TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Thanks for your feedback, buddy! Let them tell you how to position your product. "We did a survey of our 1,000 most enthusiastic customers. I only really cared about one thing: the freeform box with a 500-word limit that asked, "Why do you shop Bonobos?" I spent a weekend reading all responses. There were three things that stuck out and those became the three pillars of our brand: fit, fun and service." Andy Dunn CEO & Co-Founder, Bonobos Source: stories-andy dunn -an-building-the-giorgio-armani-of-the-e-commerce-era htmi ******* VALUABLE FEEDBACK * ****** LogMeln Increased Conversions by 300% Conversions 4x 1x Free Free or Premium LogMeln learnt that their users weren't converting because they thought the free offer was too good to be true. When a premium option was added, conversions increased 300%. * * * * USER ANALYSIS **** * foodonthetablei food.nihe table Stress-free Meals in 2 Minutes! M per V Food on the Table found a mom in their target market, shadowed her for 3 weeks, and used what they learnt to build the first version of their website. They reached 1 million users in early 2012! Source: bttp// selmore/ * * * * * THINK BEYOND CONTENT #selfie * wrestle Collaborations Social Media Engagement Community Building Inbound marketing just content marketing. smore than "Inbound marketing is based on earning attention rather than interrupting, while content marketing is about producing and promoting content to earn customers." Rand Fishkin Founder, Moz Source: hetp:/ difference inbound-marketing-content-marketing-096037640Bv8le ***** HUBSPOT SURVEY (2013) **** * 20% of Marketers Surveyed Ignorant About Inbound Marketing “Does Your Company Engage in Inbound Marketing?" ?? Yes or No In a 2013 survey, Hubspot found that nearly 20% of surveyed marketers didn't know if their company engages in inbound marketing. This is despite the fact that inbound marketing doubled companies' conversion rates. Conversions 12% 6% Outbound Only Outbound Inbound Source: http// * * ** ** BUILDING A COMMUNITY * * * *** Qualaroo GrowthHackers GrowthHackers n te About is a community to learn and share about ethical online marketing techniques that drive effective, scalable and sustainable growth. Contact Us Please contact us at with any feedback or ideas. isa property of Qualaroo, Inc. To promote Qualaroo (a website testing tool), founder Sean Ellis created, a platform for the discussion of online marketing techniques. It has since grown into a brand of its own. * * * * * ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS TEST. CONVERSIONS 0.5% 1.1% 1.6% Testing your ideas is a core tenant of growth hacking. "What worked for us is most likely not the same as what works for your organization. The key here is to be open minded and let the data tell you what to do, as opposed to listening to some self-proclaimed faux-guru (or in some cases, even your customer prospects) who says something has to be done a certain way!" Larry Kim Founder & CTO, WordStream Source: **** *** UGLY CAN WIN TOO ******* Landing Pages Don't Have to be Pretty to be Effective Conversions 1.4x 1x Version 2 (Ugly) Version 1 (Pretty) In testing 2 versions of a landing page, WhichTestWon found that the less appealing one had a surprising 38% higher conversion rate, simply because key features were bolded there. Source: http:/Anbounce.con/a-b-testing/shocking-resuts/ * *** * IT'S NOT ALWAYS SIMPLE * *** * Groove 1) Signup Button Color ONLY SIS PER USERMONT Enter your email address Enter yo email addmn Enter your enmail adde Result: Inconclusive Groove HQ did A/B testing on 6 of the most popular tests they could find, but got inconclusive results for all of them. Testing can deliver great results, but you must be ready for a long, slow haul. Source: Proper application of growth hacking tactics can help you acquire customers quickly. Visit to learn how you can use existing customers to do the same! CRAFTED BY ReferralCandy %24

5 Tips To Maxmize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking

shared by ReferralCandy on Aug 19
We love witnessing and participating in, so when we found an article on Forbes by Neal Taparia about Growth Hacking lessons from Sean Ellis, we simply had to give it our infographic ...






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