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5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Mobile Friendly

5 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR EMAIL MARKETING MOBILE FRIENDLY Are your email campaigns mobile friendly? For most marketers, the answer is no. 1T0 Even if you have taken some steps to make your email marketing mobile friendly, due to the ever increasing adoption and reliance on mobile devices, if your marketing fails to adapt to mobile usage yoU risk losing business to your competition. It's best to prepare for the new mobile reality by assuming you have ONE SHOT TO GET OUR SUBSCRIBER'S ATTENTION with your email. It'd better be easy for them to engage on their mobile device because in to- day's world if something doesn't happen instantly and on demand, it doesn't happen at all. HERE ARE 5 TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR EMAIL MARKETING MOBILE FRIENDLY... DESIGN: Is your email design easy to read on a mobile device? It's crucial that any images or other HTML you use in your design looks good on a mobile device as well as a computer with a larger screen. You want to use what's known as a Responsive Email Design (RED). READABILITY: The layout and text of your email needs to be readable on a screen that is far smaller than a typical computer or laptop. A TH Styles such as reverse print or difficult to read font styles should be avoided if they are not adapted to be readable on a mobile device. LINK PLACEMENT: It's good advice to only have one call to action in an email. While you may want to repeat the placement of a link, the destination is the same throughout an email promotion. Make sure the link you want your subscriber to click is long enough and easily visible enough to be easy to use. PAGE DESIGN: ?!? It's not enough to optimize your email design for email. Once your subscriber clicks through a link in your email to buy from your website, another ele- ment has been introduced: Is your website design mobile friendly? 000 FUNNEL DESIGN: Make sure your sales funnel and website can process and order from a mobile device. NEW SALE SPECIAL to buy from your If your subscriber is trying email promotion on their mobile device, for your sale to be SUccessful it must be possible to buy from your site on a mobile device. By adopting these tips yoU caN get an EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION because your YES offers will be easy for mobile users to say to and for you to get the sale wherever they are and what- ever they are doing. For more information on making your email marketing mobile friendly, visit: Source: EMAIL DELIVERED MANAGE MONITOR MONETIZE

5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Mobile Friendly

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If you send out an email with a promotion and your customer wants to buy your offer but can’t do so on a smartphone, you probably lost that sale. Use these 5 tips to make your email marketing mobile...



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