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5 Tips to Increase Your Performance on SERPs with PPC Campaigns

DORM 5 1. Choose a platform for your PPC campaign . Your first step in running a new PPC campaign is to decide on which platform to run it . Facebook Ads Facebook Ads allow you to place " sponsored " posts on the newsfeeds of users who identify with specific audience charact eristics set by you , the advertiser . BE SEEN ACROSS THE WEB Display Ads With text and banner ads across Gmail and a network of over two million websites and apps , your ad can show up where your customers are 2. Choose a type of ad to invest in . Each platform described above will give you options for the type of ad you want to pay for clicks on . On Facebook , for example , you can choose between a single image , a single video , or a slideshow to be your ad's main asset . Bidding and budget Tips to Increase Your Performance on SERPs with PPC Campaigns → Automatic Bidding Keywords Ad Group Bid strategy ? Twitter Ads Video Ads Your business comes to life in front of new customers on YouTube It's a unique way to share your story Campaign ( LSTN ) 3. Determine your ad budget and bidding strategy . Your PPC campaign budget will dictate how much you're willing to pay for the clicks you get on your ad placements . On Google Ads , you'll set a daily budget , whereas platforms like Twitter and Facebook >> Keywords Twitter Ads Twitter Ads work similarly to Facebook Ads . Using Twitter's PPC ad platform , advertisers can choose between eight different advertising objectives Search Ads Your ad appears next to search results on Google Talk about good timing Save Ad Group CPC bid limit ? $ 5.00 Focus on clicks use maximum CPC bids OI'll manually set my bids for clicks AdWords will set my bids to help maximize clicks within my target budget → facebook O Enable Enhanced CPC ? We'll use your conversion tracking data and bids to optimize for Conversions ( 1 - per - click ) You can change your conversion bid metric to optimize for Conversions ( many - per - click ) instead . Cancel 4. Customize your target audience , interests , location , and search terms . In any PPC platform you choose , you have ability to choose who you want your ads to reach . The " who , " in the context of Google Ads , includes your audience's location , interests , apps they use , and of course the searches they perform . Ads Focus on conversions ( Conversion Optimizer ) - use CPA bids Unavailable because this campaign doesn't have enough conversion data . O Select a flexible bid strategy ? 5. Organize your campaign into " ad groups . " Assuming you're creating Google Search Ads , you'll take the keywords you selected in step 4 , above , and put them into " ad groups . " If you're creating PPC ads on Twitter , you'll use a similar campaign framework . App Ads Promote your app by running ads across the entire Google network - no design experience . required Account ☐ Keywords → Ad Group Campaign Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads

5 Tips to Increase Your Performance on SERPs with PPC Campaigns

shared by varunsinha2234 on Apr 18
Paid campaigns are the most helpful for new businesses, as they are new lunches and nobody is aware of them, so they use PPC services, including Google Ads, and Social Media Ads. these 5 tips to you c...


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