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The 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Client

SALES TIPS THE 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY TO A CLIENT Words are critically important in business. In fact, if you slip up with the wrong word choices, it can be deadly. Here are five verbal slip-ups you should try with all your might never to make: BEEBO Mangle a client's BEEGLO company name. BEEMO ............ Know how to spell and pronounce the BEEGO company name of all your clients, paying close attention to spelling and capitalization-especially intercaps (PayPal, eBay, etc.). $588 Quote a price or turnaround range. If you say, "between $500 and $700," the customer will hear the low number and you will hear the $78 high number. This sets you both up for disappointment. Same is true for time ranges. Quote exact numbers, not ranges. 3. "I am sorry, but..." AND The word "but" gets interpreted by your client as "I won't make the effort." Instead use the word "and." For example, "I am sorry, and here is the resolutions I have come up with." 4. "What does your company do?" Don't sound like you haven't prepared in advance. Instead of asking what your client does, say "From my research I understand you do financial consulting. Tell me more." "We will put our A-team on your project." It indicates that the rest of your company is the B-team. Instead, tell your client, "Our entire company is made up of the best people in the industry. I have cherry-picked specific team members who have strong backgrounds in your specific needs." A TEAM B TEAM PUBLISHED ON OPENFORUM.COM OPEN Forum DESIGN BY PAPERCUT SOURCE: MIKE MICHALOWICZ Qoo

The 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Client

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We've all had verbal slip-ups, both in life and in business. But if your livelihood depends on building relationships with customers or clients, such gaffes can be costly and damaging. Not to mention ...




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