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5 steps to Blue Ocean Strategy

5STEDS NEWRE |MARKET SPACE: TO YOUR BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY 1. DID YOU KNOW THAT HAVING YOUR COMPANY'S GROWTH "STALL OUT" IS INCREDIBLY COMMON? Over of Fortune 100 companies have experienced stagnant revenue; Only 0% 13% saw their growth return. WHY? They were swimming in a “red ocean" of too much supply and too little demand. They focused on their competition rather than on what they could offer consumers in an innovative way. 2. TO SUSTAIN GROWTH IN CHANGING TIMES, YOU MUST CONTINUOUSLY ADAPT, AND FAST. DON'T SWIM IN A RED OCEAN OF BLOODY COMPETITION... DO REINVENT YOUR MARKET SPACE AND CREATE DEMAND IN ENTIRELY NEW WAYS! BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY IS A WAY TO SEE J. YOUR MARKET WITH "FRESH EYES": 3. YISUAL AWAKENING: Use the Blue Ocean strategic canvas to "see" where your current business - and your competition - is focused. VISUAL EXPLORING: Become an amateur anthropologist and go exploring. Spend a day in the life of a client. Watch how people solve problems. Take a camera! VISUAL STRATEGY: Build a "who I want to be" strategic canvas, then get feedback from your customers and those you want as customers. VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS: Go graphic! Use highly innovative communications toillustrate the problem you are trying to solve in your new market space. 4. NOW YOU'RE READY TO CREATE YOUR OWN BLUE . OCCAN STRATEGY TAKE THESE 4 ACTIONS: ELIMINATE REDUCE RAISE CREATE RE-FOCUS YOUR ORGANIZATION ON CARVING OUT A NEW MARKET SPACE. CREATE DEMAND RATHER THAN FULFILL IT. b. WHO'S DONE IT? Ç P CIRQUE DU SOLEIL They redefined the circus by eliminating the animals and the three rings, adding ballet and gymnastics, and appealing to an upscale audience looking for a different kind of entertainment. THEY CREATED DEMAND IN AN ENTIRELY NEW MARKET SPACE. BRAVO! SO WHATS NEXT? LEAVE THE SHARKS AND GO SWIM IN THE BLUE OCEAN OF UNTAPPED MARKET SPACE! HOW? TAP THE TALENTS OF SAMC TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR 'BOS' AS THEY HAVE DONE FOR DOZENS OF CLIENTS. "BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY CONSULTANTS CALL US : 914-245-1641 EMAIL US : [email protected] XSAMC SIMON ASSOCIATES MENAGEMENT CONSULTANTS

5 steps to Blue Ocean Strategy

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Blue Ocean Strategy is probably the simplest and most efficient way to evaluate and direct your companies growth strategy. Learn the basics.





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