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5 Quotes that Will Convince You to Implement a Transparent Recruiting Process

5 QUOTES THAT WILL CONVINCE YOU TO IMPLEMENT A TRANSPARENT RECRUITING PROCESS "89% of hiring 66 failures are due to 29 1 poor cultural fit." Are you conveying corporate culture to your candidates during the recruiting process? "If there are five ringsof fire in your application process, make certain the applicant knows that up front."? If you don't want your candidates to drop out mid-process, inform them of what your recruiting process consists of. 66 ΕΜ Ρ.Ο ΥΕ ΕS RAΤΕ COMP ENSATION/PAY A$ THI E THI RD MO $T IMPO RTANT A$PE CT OF THI EIR J OB SATIS FACTI ON." ´ ANYTOWN, U.s.A. L 37656240 E Communicate a total package of rewards including a clear path for advancement. “Your new employees are putting their lives in your hands...literally. Some have uprooted their families to work for you. Others have left cushy jobs because they believe in what you represent. Each took a risk. And they did this because they trusted you. They bought what you were sell- ing. Question is, was it real or just an act?" 4 If you can't deliver on promises you've made to your employees, how can you expect your employees to deliver? "Collecting feedback from candidates LIKE is a common sense way to improve upon the process, yet only 11 percent of organizations solicit feedback from UNLIKE their candidates."s 5 How can you be sure that candidates get an accurate first impression without gathering their feedback? Want more info? DOWNLOAD Why Lack of Recruiting Trans- parency is Drying Up Your Talent Рools: WHY LACK OF RECRUITING TRANSPARENCY IS DRYING UP YOUR TALENT POOLS peoplefluent Talent Management. Simplified. Sources 1. 2. 3. 12-0537%202012_jobsatisfaction_fnl_online.pdf 4. 5.

5 Quotes that Will Convince You to Implement a Transparent Recruiting Process

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Is your recruiting process transparent? Are you upfront and honest about compensation variables, company culture, coworkers, roles and responsibilities, employee onboarding and training opportunities?...




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