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The 5 Point Guide To Binary Options

BinaryOptions/ BINARY OPTIONS THE5POINT GUIDE TOBINARY OPTIONS OF THE FASTEST WAYS TO TRADE A Binary Option is an all or nothing digital contract. It allows the trader to profit if they can correctly forecast the future price of an asset. The contract is run for a set expiry time which is agreed at the time of purchase. They offer fast payouts for the trader. In as little as a few minutes or hours high fixed returns can be achieved. Binary Options have been available since 2008 and have grown significantly in popularity since this time. There are now over 100 broker platforms offering these contracts to trading clients. OUTCOMES With Binary Options there are only two possible outcomes to the contract. It either finishes 'in the money' and you receive an agreed payout or it finishés out óof the money and the contract expires HIGH worthless They are simple to trade as you only have to predict if the price will rise of fall. If the price is higher or lower than the entry price by the expiry then you win. It is that simple. LOW POPULAREXPIRY TIMES Binary options brokers offer a wide range of contract expiry times over which you can'elect to run your position. 60 SEC You can chose to run a contract over just seconds, minutes, days or even weeks. The most popular expiry times are 60 seconds, Hourly and End of Day. END OF DAY Contracts can be purchased throughout the day on a wide range of different financial assets HOURLY 4' ASSETCLASSES You can trade in excess of 100 different individual assets from four major financial asset classes. Brokers make use of an Asset Index where you can find a full list of the assets they offer for trading. Some of the most popularly traded assets are highlighted below. STOCKS INDICES FOREX COMMODITIES 24 Google Amazon Facebook Microsoft Coca Cola Nike JP Morgan BMW HSBC Rolls Royce DOW S&P500 NASDAQ FTSE DAX CAC40 IBEX ASX NIKKEI Hang Seng EUR/USD USD/JPY GBP/USD Gold Oil (Crude) Oil (Brent) Silver OSD/CHF Platinum Coffee AUD/USD NZD/USD EURIJPY GBP/JPY EUR/GBP EUR/TRY Cotton Soya Sugar Wheat SIMPLESTEPS TO TRADING 1 Choose a financial asset 2 Decide which direction you think the asset will move. Select CALL if you think that the price will rise, PUT If you think that the price will fall 3 Choose the time that you want the contract to expire 4 Enter the amount you want to invest 5 Click to trade! BinaryOptions/ References %24

The 5 Point Guide To Binary Options

shared by PMoore on Aug 07
The Five Point Guide to Binary Options provides a simple overview of five key areas of Binary Options. As one of the most popular new investment methods, Binary Options are now an accepted method of t...


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