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5 HVAC Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

5-HVAC INDUSTRY TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2020 SMART TRENDS Smart technology like mobile apps allow building managers to control HVAC technology from one centralized point. With this smart tech, HVAC technology will be able to make advances such as being able to identify and alert you when maintenance is needed, or even submitting a work order for maintenance automatically. SMART THERMOSTATS Smart thermostats allow for a greater amount of customized and automated control and have the 72 benefit of being able to integrate with systems. Mobile solutions are also a driver of innovation in the HVAC industry because of benefits such as being able to set up preventative maintenance and streamline communication with HVAC contractors. SAAS Recent data analysis technologies have helped streamline HVAC system processes and therefore improve the efficiency of these systems. Using software as a service gives contractors a greater degree of control and knowledge over their project and results in a more efficient and accurate system. REFRIGERANT Refrigerant has long since been the backbone of AC due to its ability to absorb heat from the environment and lower the temperature of the air it comes in contact with. However, it traditionally uses an environmentally hazardous component called chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which are damaging to the ozone layer and exacerbate the greenhouse effect. SOLAR/GEOTHERMAL Sustainable HVAC is geothermal HVAC, which uses underground pipes to regulate temperature. The pipes are laid at least 6 feet underground, at which depth the temperature remains relatively constant, and these pipes regulate temperature around the building. WWW.ONECALLHEATCOOL.COM

5 HVAC Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

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The heating , ventilation and air conditioning industries in the HVAC industry today are used in many buildings and in many automobiles. This is the most prominent development in the 5 HVAC industry by 2020.




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