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5 GeoMarketing Techniques For Local Businesses

5GEO WEB. MARKETING TECHNIQUES FOR LOCAL FOR BUSINESSES O GOOGLE Adwords: Run adwords campaign for your geographic location only. Not only is it a great way to focus on your local market, but you'll save a lot of money on impressions. B Location options (advanced) Target 2 O People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location (recommended) 2 People in my targeted location ? OPeople searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location 2 Save Cancel Exclude 2 People in my excluded location Edit ESTIMATES 8 Adwords 193.2 DAILY CLICKS AVERAGE ADWORDS AVERAGES 10.9 Million DAILY CONVERSIONS DISPLAY NETWORK You can also geotarget ads in the Google Display Network. Show your display/image ads in your city or town to advertise your events, promotions, and deals. Locations and languages Which locations do you want to target (or exclude) in your campaign? OAll countries and territories Ounted States and Canade Ounted States Let me choose. Noth Mam Dec Advanced search Matches North Miami Beach, Florida, Unted States ty Languages Locatons thatendose North Mamieach, Forda, Unted Ss FL24, Florida, Unted States -congressional Add Eude Nearty Bidding and budget Mami-Ft. Lauderdale FL, Florida, United Add Exclude Neaty Bid strategy E Eord Unted States 26.100.000 Add Exlude Nearty Unted Statesuy AdEude Neaty You can set your ad group bid after you save your cempaign settings. OAdwords will set my bids to help maximize dicks witin my target budget Chose your locations Search Radtrgeting Locaton etenonpting | a botons Twg THide eaon an map GOOGLE DISPLAY CAMPAIGNS REACH 80 % OF GLOBAL INTERNET USERS. THE GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK SERVES 180 billion IMPRESSIONS EACH MONTH (ABOUT 6 BILLION A DAY!) THE GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK AVERAGES L2.1 million DAILY CONVERSIONS © YOUTUBE GEOTARGET Your video ads on YouTube. You Adwords for YouTube Tube is a great way to promote videos about your business to your local audience. Create campaign and ad Select targeting Create new video campaign General Campaign name Campaign 1 Budget $ 2.00 per day (Format: 25.00) Daly budget represents your average spend over the month, actual spend on a given day E Delivery method (advanced) Locations and languages Locations 2 In what geographical locations do you want your ads to appear? OAll countries and teritories OUnited States, Canada OUnited States OLet me choose. Targeted ocations Reach Remove al 33141, Florida, United States - postal code 18.000 Romove Nearby Enter a location to target or exclude. Advanced search For eample a country, cty, region, or postal code Languages * Based on your targeted locations, you may want to target pages that use these interface languages: • English Target suggested languages What languages do your customers speak? English Edit YOU CAN CHOOSE TO OPTIMIZE YOUR ADS FOR VIEWS CONVERSIONS ROTATE EVENLY There are 4 types of ads you can choose from on YouTube. Four TrueView video ad options to match your advertising needs TrueView in-stream ads Trueview insearch ads Instream ads play ea TV-atyle ad before, • Your video appears ina special promoted section of the video search results paos on YouTube and duing or after another video from a Youtube Google video results. • You pay only when a viewer chooses to watch • Viewers see 5 seconds of your promoted video and then can keep watching or sipit • You pey if they watch for at least 30 seconds or to e20 • Tyne a pepuler search such as "smart phones the end of the video whichever is less) into the YouTube search box to see a sample ad Viewa Trueview inetream deme TrueView in-alate ads Trueview indisplay ads • Your ads apper longside other YouTube videos. or on websites on the Google Display Network that Inelate ads show before YouTube partner videos Dat ae 10 minutes or longer. • Viewers choose to watch one of three ads (vours match your targt audence u pay only when a viewer chooses to watch included) or see regular commercial breaks duting their video instead • You pay only when viewers choose to watch your • How your ad appears depends on the publisher -a video YouTube uggested video is shon in the picture Viewa Trueliew inslate demo ONLINE VIDEO ADS HAVE 50% BETTER BRAND RECALL THAN TV ADS YOUTUBE REACHES MORE US ADULTS AGES 18 - 34 -THAN– CABLE NETWORK IN 2012 300 MOBILE VIDEO VIEWS GREW O FACEBOOK GEO TARGET Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories. f Target people connected to your network in real time with geo targeted promoted posts and sponsored stories on Facebook. This is a test This is only a test o Your ads will show in the Facebook timelines of local people in your network. Target by Lecation Ad Targeting An easier way to get more people to see your posts in news feed OProple who like your Page OPople who ke your Page and their Maximum Budget $50 Est. Reach 30k-57 Duration 3 days from when first promoted Payment American Earess 3000) Set udet Cancel y cng a fa s Te and dveing Sponsored Stories Sample News Feed Story Help people discover your business through their friends. No increase in budget is required. Jane Doe likes a status. (HAIR) the Extension Salon e Stories about your Page post How to get thicker hair Quick tips on how to get thicker hair. From our friends at Share about an hour ago . Sponsored O People liking your Page post E People commenting on your Page post People sharing your Page post Show Advanced Options Choose Your Audience How to Choose an Audience for Your Ad Location: United States O Country Audience 5,200 people State/Province о Cкy e Zip Code who live in the United States • who live in zip code 33140 • who are female . Friends of "People liking your Page post", Friends of "People con on your Page post", Friends of "People sharing your Page post 33140 commenting 13 - No max : Require exact age match O Al O Men e Women Age: Gender: 55 m 77% OF ADVERTISERS DO NOT USE 11iiiIi % SPONSORED STORIES - WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY OF CONSUMERS SAY THEY /% INTERACT WITH BRANDS ON FACEBOOK 0 15 25 35 45 55 66 75 85 95 100 O LOCAL: DAILY DEALS foursquare Providing local deals injects immediate sales and brand recognition to local businesses. Some of the popular local deal platforms are : > GROUPON amazonlocal PROVIDING LOCAL DEALS livingsocial GILTCITY yelp BETWEEN 55% - 65% OF COMPANIES RUNNING DAILY DEALS MAKE PROFITS OFF OF THE PROMOTIONS 60 % MOBILE SHOPPERS ONS OBTAIN THEM FROM DAILY DEAL SITES 31% DtDt % 15% U.S. MOBILE PHONE OWNERS ARE REGISTERED TO DAILY DEAL SERVICES (EDISON RESEARCH) O PERCH APP DOWNLOAD THE PERCH APP FROM THE APP STORE OR GOOGLE PLAY. THIS APP ALLOWS YOU TO SEE WHAT YOUR COMPETITORS ARE DOING ON : TWITTER REVIEWS FACEBOOK LOCAL / DAILY DEALS SITES FOURSQUARE YELP USE THIS SNEAKY APP TO FIND OUT WHAT STRATEGIES ARE WORKING FOR YOUR COMPETITORS, STALK THEIR FOLLOWERS, PEEP THEIR ENGAGEMENT, AND VIEW THEIR REVIEWS. USE THIS INFO TO STRATEGIZE YOUR OWN TECHNIQUES TO DOMINATE YOUR LOCAL MARKET. WEBD. WEB PHENOMS INTERNET MARKETING YOUR SITE. OUR MARKETING. AMAZING RESULTS MARKETING SOURCES Business 2 Community Google Benchmarks and MediaBistro WebTrends Nielsen Rice University Edison Research NOMS ONILEERE INTERNET INTERNET

5 GeoMarketing Techniques For Local Businesses

shared by Wphenoms on Jul 30
5 techniques and tools for local businesses to leverage geomarketing to capture local customers.


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