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5 Advertising Predictions for 2015

FIVE ADVERTISING PREDICTIONS FOR 2015 THE CONTINUED DECLINE OF TRADITIONAL MEDIA Brands can no longer succeed by spending money on traditional media. Advertisers and audiences now have the opportunity to produce and publish their own content and bypass traditional media gatekeepers. This will cause a shift in budget allocation as marketers swing spend away from paid media toward investing in their own content and media. BUDGETS ARE SHIFTING. UNILEVER IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE. 2000 2010 2015 90% 5% , 5% 80% 13% 7% 60% 30% 10% PAID EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA PAID EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA PAID EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA PREDICTION: BRANDS REALLY WILL BECOME PUBLISHERS. THE RISE OF MOBILE VIDEO Despite the smaller screens, mobile will be the primary platform where digital videos are consumed. The ease of consuming video on mobile has allowed for unprecedented growth and scale – especially for brands who take advantage of this opportunity. プラ OF US ADULTS SPEND MORE TIME ON DIGITAL THAN TV PROJECTED GLOBAL MOBILE VIDEO USERS 29% SPEND MORE TIME WATCHING DIGITAL VIDEO ON MOBILE THAN DESKTOP 2.4 BILLION 50% BILLION OF SMARTPHONE USERS WATCH VIDEO ON THEIR DEVICE (72% 2014 2018 PREDICTION: MOBILE AND VIDEO WILL BECOME THE PRIMARY WAY WE CONSUME MEDIA WORLDWIDE. E. B THE USE OF MICRO TARGETING AND HYPER-SEGMENTATION Every year, more and more data is being collected that provides advertisers with a wealth of information about their audience. This helps marketers target a very niché audience with relevant ads based on preference and location. リラ 74% TARGETED ADS ARE ON AVERAGE, TWICE AS EFFECTIVE AS NON-TARGETED ADS OF ONLINE CONSUMERS GET FRUSTRATED WHEN CONTENT APPEARS THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR INTERESTS PREDICTION: THE NUMBER OF WAYS TO TARGET WILL INCREASE AS THE SIZE OF AUDIENCES DECREASE. THE EXPANSION OF PROGRAMMATIC SPENDING 2014 was a pivotal year, and with the majority of infrastructure now laid and testing well in progress, we'll see programmatic ad spending explode from 2015 into 2016. As with other digital advertising, most of the growth is coming via the mobile channel. ..... MOBILE 8.36 BILLION DESKTOP 2015 6.62 BILLION $2.18 BILLION 2014 MOBILE PROGRAMMATIC AD SPENDING IN THE US WILL HIT $0.71 BILLION $8.36B NEXT YEAR, SURPASSING DESKTOP FOR THE FIRST TIME 56% OF ALL PROGRAMMATIC PROGRAMMATIC DIGITAL VIDEO AD SPENDING %24 AD EXPENDITURE PREDICTION: THE PUSH FOR PROGRAMMATIC CONTINUES AND GAINS GROUND. THE EMERGENCE OF FACEBOOK ATLAS Atlas opens up two new and extremely powerful capabilities for brands & agencies: It lets them measure ad campaigns across screens by solving the cookie problem; and it lets them target real people across mobile and web. フラ DATA FROM REAL PEOPLE ACROSS DEVICES ACCESS TO 1.3B USER PROFILES TARGETING & MEASUREMENT ACROSS 00 SMARTPHONES TABLETS DESKTOPS ONLINE TO OFFLINE 41% OF ALL PURCHASES START ON ONE DEVICE AND MOVE TO ANOTHER PREDICTION: CONNECTING THE DOTS OF A CONSUMER'S JOURNEY ACROSS DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS WILL NO LONGER BE A PROBLEM. CREATED BY: SOURCES: +ViralGains 290 Congress Street, 7th Floor • Boston, MA 02210 [email protected] • 800.501.2763 %24 %24

5 Advertising Predictions for 2015

shared by ViralGains on Dec 25
2015 will be a big year for advertising. Our infographic highlights what trends, changes, and advances are on the horizon for the industry.



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