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The 40 Coolest Tech Company Benefits

40 COOLEST TECH COMPANY BENEFITS TRAVEL + HOLIDAYS @ airbnb Epic Expensify TRAVEL PAID COMPANY BONUSES SABBATICALS VACATIONS Every 5 years, Epic employees become eligible for a sabbatical. If they take the break in another country the company pays for most flight and hotel expenses for the employee and their travel companion. Annual month-long company trips to exotic destinations are par for the course at Expensify. In 2013 the team headed to beautiful Dubrovnik! Since it's a travel related company, Airbnb provide fitting perks in the form of $2,000 travel bonuses to go anywhere they want in the world. Plus, they get to enjoy sailing outings. SM salesforce Ask LOADS PRING Fast, easy, mobile. Now. OPEN VACATION POLICY HAWAIIAN OVERSEAS TRAVEL GETAWAYS According to executives at the company, not only are kitchens at Salesforce fully stocked, but the team is also taken on trips to Hawaii. Aloha! Ask operates an open vacation policy, meaning employees are able to take as much time off as they wish to enjoy life to the full! Once you've worked at Loadspring Solutions for more than 2 years you are entitled to an additional $5,000, plus an extra week of vacation to travel overseas. MOZ THRILLIST USAA PAID BIRTHDAY ADDITIONAL VACATION VACATION FLEX HOURS Each year, Moz employees offered $3,000 in vacation expenses to help cover the cost of food, lodging, entertainment, and transportation. Nobody wants to work on their birthday, which is why Thrillist allow their staff to take the day as paid At USAA, each staff member is given 24 Flex Hours a year to use for things such as doctors' appointments and parents' evenings etc. vacation and enable them to finish early every Friday during the summer. Genentech Yammer YAHOO! A Member of the Roche Group NO HOLIDAY DISCOUNTED THEME PARK RESTRICTIONS SKIING DISCOUNTS Yammer implements a 'take it as you need it' vacation policy so staff are not restricted by holiday limits. Plus, they get unlimited free beer! At Yahoo, employees are to discount at ski If you work for Genentech, you can look forward to discounts at local entitle resorts and California theme parks, and are able to take trips with a group of their co-workers. attractions, such as Disneyland, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and museums. EDUCATION Su Adobe PAID FURTHER ART EDUCATION PROGRAMMES Adobe sees education and Staff at StumbleUpon are given the chance to get in touch with their creative knowledge as key and offers its staff the option of taking engineering and science courses on the Stanford Instructional Television sides with access to an art programme and quarterly team outings. Network (SITN). HEALTH + WELLBEING facebook MEDALLIA verizon BABY CASH TACKLING MENTAL FUTURE MOMS HEALTH ISSUES PROGRAM Parents at Facebook Medallia understands the Verizon's 'Future Moms receive 4 months' paid parental leave, as well as reimbursement for importance of mental health issues, as such employees are given cash to 'seek out and overcome Program' offers expectant mothers the services of a day-care, $4,000 “baby cash" and adoption fees, where necessary. registered nurse and an obstetrics specialist who can provide them with any advice they might need. their fears, whether business-related or personal'. VALVE intuit FERTILITY RELAXATION FITNESS AID DAYS FINANCED In a drive to recruit more women, as of January 2015, females working for Apple will be offered the opportunity to freeze their eggs. Valve Software takes pride in its laid-back work environment, which extends to Free Massage Fridays to ensure their workforce is A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, so Intuit offices have onsite fitness centres, as well as offering a fitness incentive of $650 for gym memberships or exercise class fees. super relaxed ahead of the weekend! Microsoft Deloitte. PAID CARE FOR PARENTAL LEAVE ELDERLY RELATIVES At Microsoft, new mums and dads are given paid time off to spend with their new-born and are Deloitte know that caring for aging relatives can be tough so provide backup care workers if an aging parent or grandparent needs help. provided with health care for themselves and dependants. TOOLS + RESOURCES Pinterest AUTOMATTIC UNLIMITED HOME OFFICE APPLE PRODUCTS ALLOWANCE Pinterest live by the saying whatever you need to be productive is what you should be using'. As such, staff are taken on regular trips to the Apple store. At Automattic, employees are offered a stipend to set up their own home office, as everyone either works from their home or a specially set up office. asana: CISCO. TELECOMMUTING DESK TECHNOLOGY ALLOWANCE At Asana, each employee is given a $10,000 allowance to spend on computers and desk-décor. Some staff have To create a home office experience, Cisco staff are given telecommuting technology, like data and voice services, to help even furnished their work-space with mini-fridges and custom-made chairs. out their work-life balance. HOBBIES dropcam INS MNIAC GAMES A Nest company DREAMWORKS ANIMATION SKG MOVIE HELICOPTER MOVIE FESTIVALS RIDES DAYS Employees at DreamWorks Animation enjoy movie screenings and short-movie festivals put on by the company to reduce stress and cultivate creativity. At Insomniac Games, the company regularly put on movie days for the staff to unwind. The company pays Every employee at Dropcam is given a voucher which entitles them and friends to a free helicopter ride. It gets better - the helicopter pilot is the CEO, Greg Duffy. for the tickets and the popcorn. Azynga tumblr. ARCADE REFER ACCESS MADNESS Employees at Zynga have relaxation lounges packed with arcade games and Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation gaming systems to keep employees entertained during their breaks. Known as 'Refer Madness', if a Tumblr employee recommends a new hire, they are given a budget to organise a team-building event. Past events include a trip to Medieval Times and a Nets game. FOOD + DRINK Dropbox MORNINGSTAR FOURSQUARE UNLIMITED WHISKEY FREE SNACKS FRIDAY FOOD Foursquare employees are treated to a subsidised Dropbox HQ has its very own music studio and games room; while Fridays are known as 'Whiskey Friday', what more is there to say other than 'cheers'!? Morningstar operates an egalitarian work environment with free dinner every night, delicious catered lunches, bagels provided on Wednesdays and free beverages available daily! unlimited snacks and beer on tap. Mmmm. MISCELLANY Google Eventbrite QUALCOMM CONCIERGE MAN'S CHARITABLE SERVICE BEST FRIEND GIVING Qualcomm's charitable match programme sees them match any Google offers its staff a concierge service, allowing them to focus on their job while somebody else runs their errands and undertakes party planning Eventbrite employees are allowed to bring their pets to work with them. At least they know they won't be going home to any 'surprises'. charitable donation made or funds raised by members of their etc. workforce. IAS INTEGRATED ARCHIVE SYSTEMS EVERNOTE VEHICLE HOUSEKEEPING LAUNDRY SUBSIDY SERVICES In an environmentally friendly move, IAS provides employees with $10,000 to subsidise the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. Over half of TAS employees have opted to take part in the scheme so far! To get their employees' spouses and significant others on their side, every Twitter employees have access to in-office yoga and pilates classes, as well as laundry and dry cleaning services, Zipcar discount and a wireless discount. full-time worker at Evernote is entitled to have their house cleaned for free twice a month. SOURCES + REFERENCES unum Because everyone needs a back-up plan

The 40 Coolest Tech Company Benefits

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Offering your employees a benefits package can go a long way in boosting morale and retention, and is often seen as a major incentive. Whether in the form of free drinks, flexible working hours or dis...




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