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4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Rethink the CIO Role

TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES 41 * & RETHINK THE CIO ROLE IT leaders are facing four common obstacles when trying to drive meaningful innovation, according to a new CIO/IDG Research study sponsored by Red Hat. CIos can overcome these obstacles by playing the role of business game changers. OBSTACLE 1 "Keeping the Lights On" is Too Time Consuming 48% 48% of IT execs say most of their time is spent "improving IT operations and systems performance" instead of identifying ways to separate their organizations from their competitors OBSTACLE 2 Funding for Innovation is Very Rare 57% Even given the opportunity to innovate, 57% of IT executives rate their budget as "fair" or "poor" OBSTACLE 3 Business is Not Seeing IT as a Partner 78% 66% 4% Only 4% of business stakeholders 78% of IT execs rate 66% of IT their knowledge of execs say they're exceptionally open to new ideas from BUT surveyed see IT as a "business game changer" the business as either "excellent" or "good" business units OBSTACLE 4 Business & IT Collaboration Should be the Default - Not the Exception 77% 68% 16% IT initiates projects 68% of the time Both groups should be collaborating, but that only happens 16% of the time Business initiates IT projects 77% of the time BUT 4 WAYS TO RETHINK THE CIO ROLE 23 IT. UNDERSTAND BUSINESS OPERATIONS BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH BUSINESS PEERS TRANSFER DAY-TO-DAY TACTICAL ACTIVITIES LEAD THE CULTURAL CHANGE and objectives as completely as business peers by walking the halls and proactively seeking out other members in to raise IT's strategic profile and emphasize how IT can improve everything from efficiency to customer experience to third-party partners such as cloud providers to alleviate maintenance your organization - from LOB leaders to HR execs and forge more meaningful relationships with IT and deployment burdens WHITE PAPER Market CIOs at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads Pulse LEARN HOW TO LEAD THE CORPORATE CULTURAL CIOS TODAY EXERT MORE STRATEGIC INFLUENCE THAN EVER, BUT TACTICAL DEMANDS STILL CONSUME MUCH OF THEIR TIME AND FOCUS. IS IT TIME TO RETHINK THE CIO TITLE AND ROLE? CHANGE AND BECOME A FULL BUSINESS PARTNER. Download the full CIO/IDG Research Market Pulse Report sponsored by Red Hat at Enterprisresegnized the need e-eniist ol praliferating iT moredirecily in the service ol'their buoiness sjesttees andatategiai. Theprevioua apprsch af aquiring IT for iti ownaloe and maintaininga high wal becween an organi. zatisnaT pres and t businas unita wuldntda AEt turned cut identilying the need to becter align ITand businesetivits preved eaaler thanactualy dsing R The chal engehas beena paradanical anefor CIOr. Each yeac buines preseses have berame ever mare dependent oma rellable and awalalble IT Inhartructure, a trendi that har bonsted the prenile of ITs well aOOs. Semewhat nically, hameve this escalating dependencehas madek increasingly oicai for IT departments THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT ta "kees the lightsan" The esult: Tr many CIOS stilifndther time consumed y tactical systems maintenanceand upgradle tasis, leaning too little timeforthem te egage in msre-sategie businessactiuties. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cidi andother T executives hwve mede significant progress in thair Ieng-standing efforts ts tightly alignand essrdnate thairiT departments with thairorganizations buriners units, according acent Red Hat and DG Rasarch Serviee urey Mary IT Oecutives are also plaging strategic rales in helping ditve hurd - neF inMAaien nd cempetitive dferentiatien, SL day-te-dey tacikal demands continue le pul CiOs amayirom more-strategie funtns, nd to fewwf ther sinesI RURearts minkst IT ececuives as husiness strabegy leaders peers. Glven IT's +nt le in virtually veryrgahisatantdy, me ritkcally imperiant be break freetliem set behaniees and relaiien - Ths peisitent stulian hii betome sipekially prsblematie ina wale in which many busineis and IT ativities are virtually inseparble in-darlier dayi, IT deprtments worked primarily ts make estting busines practices mare efficient and werkas moré productiv. In recent peara, by contrait, computing and eemmunicatieni tachnologian have parmitted antarpeis as to creabe entively me busineri proceunar andrevenue breami: that simply eouidn't enist wtht IT advaneer Wha dear endand "businesr" begin in anline chopping, mobilelbanking. the compuner mudeingel eharmaeualserthe collectien nd analysis al geological daia far ol and gas Explarationi T 부 - ue t the sument future al af C0 % erterprise software leader Red Hat partnered with IDG Research Servike: rvy M0 Endents at the IT drecerleveland abewej atorganizatiens with 1,000 er mere empleyees. The PurvRy ralta provideinuightints the pgreas CIOS asther IT СIЮ redhat. Custom Solutions Group shipt in erer ta atablshIT asa biains partner. Might i hangein the traditienal Cio title and rele help achieve this endh How "Keeping the lights an' pulls from marestratagie reles Farmore than twa decader, CiOs hawe worked to bridige the IT und busin diviela inde, thạ 00 s tten materialeedane notantedlintha Inte andaartr1 aradra er bir Red Hat and the Shadow man logo are trademarks of Red Hat, inc, registe red in the US. and other countries *****+**** ********** ..**.**** ********* .........

4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Rethink the CIO Role

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