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The 4 Types of Bad Managers

THE 4 TYPES OF BAD MANAGERS Make sure you're not one of them! We often lead based on examples or models that we've seen in our lives. This can be really helpful, unless our models were demonstrating poor leadership. The Leadership Styles That Don't Work THE SEAGULL The seagull manager flies over, craps on everything, steals your lunch and then flies away. They communicate poorly with their team, and show no appreciation of their effort. STORE ROOM The Mushroom The mushroom manager tosses things over the wall to his team, never checks in, and is frequently surprised by the outcome. Being kept in the dark with nothing but manure to work with is great for mushrooms, but not great for team members. Manere THE MICROMANAGER The micromanager means well, but the more carefully he checks things, the more he uncdermines the confidence of his team. Vu sue shumed that saper jon THE SAVIOR The savior boss neglects things, then rushes in to save the day at the last minute. If nothing is going poorly, she sometimes creates disasters so that she can rescue them! Eight Leadership Qualities That Do Work INTEGRITY VISION To be trusted you need to be truthful and consistent. To be consistent you need to have a direction, a point on the horizon that you are leading others to. POSITIVE ATTITUDE SENSE OF HUMOR Seeing the glass half-full makes many things possible. It's not all going to be perfect. In those cases your sense of humor pulls you (and your team) through. CONFIDENCE INSPIRING If you are confident then you will lead people toward that vision regardless. People know where you are going. With a confident, clear vision, your inspiration gets others moving. SOLID COMMUNICATOR DETERMINED You have to get your ideas out of your head and into your team's heads! If your team is going to go with you, they need to know you aren't turning back! EnMast BUSINESS OWNERS BELONG.

The 4 Types of Bad Managers

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4 examples of bad managers and 8 traits that describe good leaders.






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