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4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Measuring Sales Pipeline

Weliei Turat CAUTION! FOUR PITFALLS To Avoid When Measuring Your Sales Pipeline BY PIPELINERSALES INC. O ONLY MEASURING YOUR CLOSURE RATE 43. Closure rates draw focus to the leads IGNORE at the end of your pipeline. Without fresh leads your sales success will THIS PITFALL diminish in time. 2 20% NOT DIFFERENTIATING BETWEEN LEADS AND QUALIFIED LEADS IGNORE A poor quality lead is a resource wasted if passed directly onto sales. Good strategy an clear customer profile will help THIS PITFALL you to differentiate. NOT MEASURING PROGRES- SION (AND LEAKAGÐ THROUGH THE WHOLE PIPELINE 3 26 Not every lead will convert. If you can predict where you will lose prospects, you can figure out how many do you need to achieve your sales target. IGNORE THIS PITFALL 4 LOOKING AT YOUR SALES PIPELINE AS A STATIC ENTITY 18 0% IGNORE Explore and model different scenarios for your pipeline. Otherwise you'll miss out on making vital improvements and increasing it's velocity. THIS PITFALL & TARGET Avoid these 4 dangerous pitfa of measuring your sales pipeli. to reach your sales target. o pipeliner Copyright © 2013 Pipelinersales Inc.

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Measuring Sales Pipeline

shared by pipelinersales on Dec 18
Once you build your sales pipeline you can start to measure its performance. The figures you generate will provide you with the clarity, you need to make better decisions and ensure smarter execution ...


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