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4 Pillars of Competitive Advantage: Assuring Vital Value in Business Video

4 PILLARS OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: ASSURING VITAL VALUE IN BUSINESS VIDEO More than ever before, businesses are engaging with their employees through e-learning and corporate communications. Although many businesses know the importance of video, many do not understand how to maximize its potential. Are you getting the most value possible through your business video? SOCIAL MARKETING OF THE PAST YOUR BUSINESS VIDEOS MUST BE EASILY SHAREABLE, BECAUSE THE NEW FRONTIER Iis SOCIAL MEDIA: TELEMARKETING DOOR-TO-DOOR 75% 60% Employment declined 25% from 2006-2011 Employment declined 40% from 2006-2011 However, 60% of those under 30 prefer sharing through social media 75% of Internet users over the age of 45 prefer sharing information through email B2C COMMUNICATION WORKS OVER SOCIAL NETWORKS SOCIAL AND B2B 80% of Facebook users prefer to connect with brands over Facebook 80% 74% OF B2B MARKETING 47% of Americans say Facebook has the COMPANIES USE TWITTER greatest impact on their purchasing behavior B2B marketers that use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who do not 47% VIDEO: THE PERFECT VEHICLE FOR E-LEARNING MAIN B2B BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA: E-LEARNING CAN REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BUSINESS: FORTUNE Generates more Increases Provides business exposure website traffic marketplace insight 50% 41.7% Despite this, top brands spend less than 1/4th of their VIDEO marketing dollars on video and social media: 14% 10% Big brands are realizing this, as 41.7% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporating e-learning into employee training Utilizing e-learning tools and strategies SOCIAL MEDIA can increase productivity by 50% INTERNAL BENEFITS OF SOCIAL VIDEO FOR ENTERPRISES ALLOWS employees to benefit from other coworkers' experiences CREATES an enriched and engaging learning environment in the workplace EXPANDS an employee's knowledge of other departments SEARCHABLE INTEGRATED EASY TO FIND, EASY TO CONSUME SOFTWARE INTEGRATION CAN BE COSTLY YOUR VIDEO CONTENT SHOULD BE EASILY IN 2013, IT SERVICES ARE ESTIMATED TO MAKE SEARCHABLE AS WELL. HERE ARE SOME $94 BILLION DOLLARS FROM SOFTWARE KEY BENEFITS: INTEGRATION. SPECIFICITY This is why it is beneficial to have content that allows for easy integration. The initial benefits of easily integrated content: Breaking down video into specific, consumable parts will increase productivity and efficiency INCREASED REVENUE This occurs through a streamlined information structure, and enhanced business intelligence Can do wonders for a sales team member on a quick-paced call SAVINGS IN COST Malleable content saves costs of integration and development METADATA Cataloging content through metadata provides employees (and consumers) with convenience and reduces frustration AGILITY Ability to quickly respond to changes in your field, and be on the forefront of technology INTERNAL BENEFITS OF SEARCHABLE VIDEO FOR ENTERPRISES INTERNAL BENEFITS OF INTEGRATED VIDEO FOR ENTERPRISES MAKES instructional content easily findable and viewable to employees ALLOWS instructional video to be accessed across many different platforms ENCOURAGES employees to expand their knowledgebase through easily findable content ENHANCES usability of video by increasing its ability to be viewed SIMPLIFIES difficult information by breaking it down into easily searchable, and consumable, parts PROVIDES employees with convenience of access to company materials aO SECURE ASSURE THAT YOUR INFORMATION IS SECURE, AS DATA COMPROMISE CAN HAVE A MASSIVE IMPACT ON YOUR COMPANY IN THE US BREACHES 92% Average cost of Average breach size of Perpetrated by outsiders 14% Committed by insiders $188 28,765 76% A result of exploited / weak security, or stolen credentials 54% A result of compromised servers per breached record records 75% Driven by financial motives and considered opportunistic attacks Total cost to US economy: 66% $5.4 million Took months or more to discover INTERNAL BENEFITS OF SECURE VIDEO FOR ENTERPRISES PROTECTS valuable company ASSURES employee peace of mind regarding sensitive materials SAVES countless dollars by information and trade secrets preventing potential data loss Are you maximizing your video and content potential? Don't undermine the value good video content can have, both externally and internally, for your business. sources aspx economy-market/ nemon-2013-Cost-of-a-Data-Breach-Report_daiNA_cta72382.pdf need-to-know

4 Pillars of Competitive Advantage: Assuring Vital Value in Business Video

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When it comes to your video content, do you have a competitive advantage? Do you even know how to compete with other companies like yours that are using video for communications, marketing, and learni...






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