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30 Digital Industry Jargons You Have To Know [Infographic]

DIGITAL INDUSTRY JARGONS When your colleogue YOU NEED TO KNOW says, "Remove all the cookies" he didn't intend for you to find a plate full of cookies and remove them. "Cookies" is just one of many terms that mean differently in the digital industry. If you're a newbie in the field, ine you're just in time to figure out what these jargons 404 301 302 404 ERROR 301 REDIRECT 302 REDIRECT Temporary redirect from one URL to another. Error message that appears Permanent redirect from one when a page is not found. URL to another. ALT ADWORDS ALTERNATE TEXT ANCHOR TEXT Advertising network ran by Google which allows advertisers to place ads. Description of an image or graphic that is not able to Clickable text of a link. appear on the screen. ТЕXT BLOG Also called as "online journal", where a user publishes content regularly BACKLINK ВООКMARK Link in a page or website from Link to a website saved for another. future use/ reference. (e.g. reviews, testimonials, blog posts, and vlogs). BOUNCE RATE BLACK HAT Aggressive form of SEO often used for unethical practices. BREADCRUMBS Website navigation in the horizontal bar above of the SEO Number of users who enter a HOME WOM website and leave without viewing anything else. main content. COOKIE Text file used by web browsers to store data or to track an activity across the website. CMS (CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) Used to separate most of ordinary webmaster tasks from content creation. CONTENT Text or copy that is intended to pique user's interest. FEED DOORWAY Web page designed exclusively to attract traffic from a search GIZMO Widget or small application used to provide specific functions on a webpage. Content that is delivered to the www:// user through special programs or websites. engine. GUEST BLOG НАСКER IMPRESSION Inviting someone to publish an article on another person's Computer criminal who gains unauthorized access to data of When a user views your website or page. website. a website. META DESCRIPTION KEYWORD Significant term a user desires to optimize a website for. LINK BUILDING <МЕТА> Webpage description that Creation of backlinks to a appears in search engine result pages. website he/she owns. NICHE A specific targeted market of ONLINE MARKETING Use of internet by a business owner or affiliate to market and sell services, or products. Goagle PANDA Series of updates by Google to discourage users to create a website. numerous mediocre content. SPIDER Program that browses and collects information of a website. TRAFFIC Visitors of a website or page. WEBMASTER Website owner. Being introduced to different meanings of such terms might be really confusing at first. However, it is essential for a digital marketer working in an online marketing company to be knowledgeable of it in order to catch up, and be updated of the current trends in marketing. Moz 8+ in Sources: Hubspot Outsource-Philippines 町 :

30 Digital Industry Jargons You Have To Know [Infographic]

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The digital age didn’t just bring us impressive technology, but also mind-boggling and confusing terminologies. But fear not! We are here to shed some light on these jargons, and help you understand...


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