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30 Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts You spent hours researching writing. finding graphics and uploading your blogs posts, but your work isn't done yet To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can Below are thirty ways you can promote each blog post. most of which are free. Print out this handy graphic and check off each item as you do it With a little work and planning, youll get the most leverage out of each post. mww.Online Living Bloq.Com Blog Success Tips Dont pretend to be someone youre not. Write in your Own volce and be authentic. Theres only one YOUI If you want to gain readern, be constrtent with your blogging efforts, even ir that meane you blog less frequentty. Pick a frequency - dally, weekty. monthly. etc. - and stick with it Have virualty appealtng photos with each blog post. Mare them relevant and original Dont steat other people's photOs. udaing a following takes time. The adage it you buind t they will come is incorect. Instead, think It you market they will come Social Media Sharing each post on social media should be your est avenvae tor promotion in 8+ 2. Schedule it on Twitter 2-3 times 3. Create a 1 Ada t on your personal b business 4. Share on 5. Share wih your ciectes, And board your Lintedin peciticaly tor al your blog posts and pin each post to and through per day tor the next 30 prodte, in groups you belong to pubicty, on Google+ tor added SEO pages groups through ads dayu (change the benetits ads. Bookmarking Sites Bookmarking stes have mitions of users. Add them to your strategy. Su digg 9. Help 10. The top 6. Create an account at 7. Submit each post to to share with others and hetp them discover a. One of others discover the most search engine for blogs. Technorati. com is a stumbletipo popular bookmark sites. your posta when you .com and start submit to stumbling your posts. Deticious mast. isa must com DON'T FORGET TO OPTIMIZE EACH BLOG POST FOR SPECIFIC KEYWORDS Your Contacts They signed up for your newstetter or RSS teed because they want to hear trom you 14. Send an IL Ada your Latest blog post in your email newiettes. 12. Share your blog post with people in groups or torums you belong to. 13. Add your tatest blog posta to your eman signature using Wisestamp. 15. An RSS feed automati- cally pushes your posta to those who sign email to your tist with your tatest blog post and ask them for teedback. com. Other Blogs Lewrage other bloggen networks to gain more exposue. 17. submit i 20. Join a 16 Comment 18. AI muential aa guest post to other relerant 19. Subenit it as a reprint to other relevant blogging consmuniry on relevant blogs and inchate a blogges to tirk to your relevant and exchange tinks wiin other blogs. tink to your blog post. blogs (with a bit of re- writingi. blog posts bloggers IT'S NOT ABOUT BLOGGING MORE, IT'S ABOUT PROMOTING MORE Syndication syndication allows you to sperad your content across many networks. Here are ten sites that make syndicating your blog posts super easy: 21. - alows you to syndicate to over 50 different sites 22. - helps you connect with other bloggers to share ideas and posts 23. 24. - submit your blog to https:// gp/vendor and get paid when Kindle ownerS read it distributes your blog posts to publishers like USAToday com. and 25. - Get found and get more traffic when you submit your blog. Also links to Facebook. 26. - syndicates content in every category. from autos and food to business and sports 27. - the source for reader reviews of the web's bloggers and columnists 28. - syndicates blogs that cover a wide variety of topics; one of the most popular syndication services 30. Outbrain cem 29. - If you provide business-related content, this site is a must sites like and You don't have to sign up with all these sites - pick 2-3 that are the best fit for your industry and focus on those. Having the ame content appear on too many sites can actually hurt your search engine rankings QUALITY HAS MORE IMPACT THAN QUANTITY Www.

30 Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts

shared by fahimsrider on Mar 29
step-by-step way of using a range of tools and techniques that will help you promote your blog to get 1,000 shares and possibly even many multiples of this.




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