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3 ways your brand’s visual identity can win over customers

A Brand Above the Rest #1 Brand 3 ways your brand's visual identity can win over new customers A powerful visual identity leaves a lasting impression on customers. In fact, 60% prefer to buy products from companies they're familiar with.' But why do some brands create memorable marketing materials, whereas others fall flat? Scientific evidence shows that a strong brand interaction activates areas of the brain associated with reward and self-identification.? Here are 3 ways to create a consistent visual identity that leaves the right impression. 01 Catch their eye Corporate identity materials that always look sharp and professional do the marketing for you. They have the power to become memorable to your audience over time. Is your brand's visual identity set up for success? 3 C's of a recognizable visual identity: Color Control Consistency Make sure your brand Do the right people have Is your brand's colors match your access to your latest logo identity being applied company's identity. designs, templates, and consistently across brand assets? all channels? Up to 90% of immediate judgments of a brand's visual identity can be attributed to color alone. Is your brand hot or cool? Studies show that consumers associate certain colors with specific brand attributes. Here's how each color ranks:* Reliability Trust High-tech Courage High quality Fun Cheap 1. 2. 3. 02 Make it personal The same neurochemical associated with feelings of personal trust (oxytocin) is released in the brain when an individual has a positive experience with your brand.5 Here are tips for creating moments as seamless and personal as handing someone your business card. 3 brand touchpoints to personalize: In-person interactions E-mail Direct mail Empower your employees Never send another Segment all of your to represent your brand at marketing email addressed lists, and custom-tailor events and in the field. to "Dear Sir or Madam." your offers by group. 71% of consumers have received a promotion or branded information that seemed like the company sending it out didn't understand them as an audience. 03 Make it last You've handed out business cards and fine-tuned your email 00:00:15 campaigns, but what happens when prospects visit your website? According to Chartbeat, 55% of them will leave within 15 seconds." How can you make the experience last? 3 pro tips for creating a winning website: Tt Establish a style guide. Avoid clutter. Test and respond. Make sure fonts, Focus on the features Consider A/B testing buttons, and colors are that are important to new designs before applied consistently. your users. they go live. 17 milliseconds is the average time it takes a person to form an opinion about a website's design. 75% of web users associate a website's credibility with its design and aesthetic, rather than content. A lasting brand impression begins with a powerful visual identity. Follow these best practices to create an unforgettable experience for your prospective customers. SOURCES: 1"Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment," 2013, Nielsen 2 "MRI Shows Brains Respond Better to Name Brands," 2006, Radiological Society of North America 3 "The Impact of Color on Marketing" 2006, Journal of Management History 4 "A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life," 1961, University Books Inc. 5 "Social Login and Personalization," 2014, Janrain 6 "The Neuroscience of Brand Trust," 2015, American Marketing Association 7 "How to Build an Audience That Reads What You Write and Comes Back for More," 2016, Chartbeat 8 "The Role of Visual Complexity and Prototypicality Regarding First Impression of Websites," 2012, Google 9 "The Effect of Aesthetics on Website Credibility," 2009, University of Surrey vistaprint corpórate

3 ways your brand’s visual identity can win over customers

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With proper maintenance and cultivation through a defined brand strategy, a brand's marketing materials can attract new customers and position their business for big-time growth. This infographic unve...


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