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3 Steps To Improve Your Marketing Funnel And Stop Wasting Money

TO IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING FUNNEL AND STOP WASTING MONEY STEPS WHAT'S A MARKETING UNQUALIFIED PROSPECTS FUNNEL AND WHY SHOULD I CARE? LEADS A marketing funnel is like a treasure map that shows how to take your audience of prospects and turn them into loyal customers. IDEAL CUSTOMERS Understanding how marketing funnels work is critical for making sure your marketing is doing the job it should be so you can avoid wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't PURCHASERS grow your business. THIS GUIDE HAS THREE SECTIONS: Where different marketing methods Examples of how businesses of An interactive marketing funnel fit into a marketing funnel, and the different sizes use marketing blueprint for your business to help pros and cons of each level. funnels, and what makes their you optimize (or start) your own marketing effective. marketing. 1 .01 WHERE DIFFERENT MARKETING METHODS FIT IN THE MARKETING FUNNEL AWARENESS / BRANDING Pros: High volume, broad reach TV - Radio - Print Ads - Billboards - Cons: Inefficient at driving direct action & ROI PPC Display Ads - CPM Display Ads - Key consumer behaviors: Brand awareness (impressions, Public Relations reach and frequency) INTEREST Pros: Mid-volume and reach, some direct action & ROI Social Media - Content Marketing - Cons: Still fairly broad, low direct conversion rate & ROI SEO - SEM / PPC Search Ads - Drip Email Marketing Key consumer behaviors: Brand interaction/discussion, site visits and browsing, content consumption DESIRE Product Listing Ads - Email Marketing Pros: Highest conversion rate of direct actions and best ROI Offers - Affiliate Marketing - Discounts - Conversion-Rate Optimization - Retail Cons: Low volume and reach Displays - Coupons Key consumer behaviors: Comparison shopping for price and features, deal-seeking, emotional buy-in АCTION! NOTE THAT INDIVIDUAL MARKETING METHODS CAN OPERATE AT DIFFERENT LEVELS UP AND DOWN THE FUNNEL, BUT THEY AREN'T EQUALLY EFFECTIVE AT ALL LEVÉLS: AWARENESS PPC/SEO KEYWORDS AWARENESS TV ADS Hats Super Bowl commercials, lifestyle spots INTEREST KEYWORDS INTEREST TV ADS Red Hats Product Placements DESIRE DESIRE Buy Red Kangol hat Infomercials .02 REAL EXAMPLES: HOW BUSINESSES OF DIFFERENT SIZES USE MARKETING FUNNELS EXAMPLE A: THE MASSIVE COMPANY WITH BROAD APPEAL - TARGET Target spends hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S. each year on TV advertising, outdoor media and other broad-reach branding and awareness. Why? Because their customer base consists of practically anyone on a budget, and their average lifetime customer value is high enough that they can afford to spend thousands to acquire and retain a single customer. Because their business is so large (over $70 billion year in North America), in order to keep growing, they need to reach a lot of people to find new customers. Target also spends many tens of millions on mid-funnel online marketing like social media, SEO and PPC search ads, driving more conversation and interest around their brand. They continue to work on their store designs for the same reason. Finally, between their coupon placements in newspapers, PPC product listing ads on Google Shopping, in-store discounts and other bottom-of-the-funnel marketing, Target entices you to take action by making the purchase – in store or online – when you are most likely to do so. EXAMPLE B: THE MEDIUM-LARGE BUSINESS WITH A NARROWER CUSTOMER BASE - OTTERBOX OtterBox makes super durable smartphone and tablet cases, referring to their customer base as "klutzy tech users everywhere." With yearly sales of around one billion dollars, OtterBox has dabbled in TV advertising and has used public relations to make a splash in earned media, two major components of the broad top of the funnel – but that's not where their focus is. With an active and engaging presence on all the major social media platforms, including commercially-produced YouTube videos showing their products at work, the Interest part of OtterBox's funnel is quite strong. They also make good use of PPC advertising, using search ads, product listing ads and remarketing to bring users down a path from searching with general interest (e.g. iPhone case) to becoming familiar with OtterBox and its benefits, to finally feeling enough Desire to make the purchase on the OtterBox conversion-optimized ecommerce site (or at a partner retailer). EXAMPLE C: THE SMALL BUSINESS WITHA SPECIFIC CUSTOMER BASE - LUXE EVENT PRODUCTIONS Luxe Event Productions is a local Portland events-planning business that specializes in weddings. With target customers in a specific geographic area and with a specific need, they would be wasting their money on national awareness advertising. Instead, their main focus is on Interest and Desire. First, weddings and events are inherently social: with every attendee being a potential new client, word-of-mouth advertiser, or social media sharer, doing their job well is some of the best marketing Luxe can take advantage of. More proactively, Luxe is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, they have decent local SEO rankings for terms like Portland wedding planner, and they also advertise on Google AdWords for similar targeted terms to reel in happy couples at just the right time. Luxe has plenty of room for improvement, but their focus is on the right place: the middle and bottom of the funnel, .03 CREATE A MARKETING FUNNEL BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR BUSINESS ! PRINT THIS BLANK What is the main audience my products/services FUNNEL BLUEPRINT appeal to? TWICE. v Where are those people and how can I reach them? What marketing methods have worked best for me On the first copy, list what you're currently doing in in the past? each level of the funnel. On the second copy, write v What marketing methods are my competitors using? what you could be doing to get more customers. Ask yourself: Which parts of my current funnel are the weakest? REMEMBER: IF YOU'RE ON A BUDGET, IT'S USUALLY BEST TO WORK FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE FUNNEL UP. SPREADING AWARENESS / BRANDING BUILDING INTEREST CREATING DESIRE АCTION! bluemint MARKETING www.BLUEMINTMARKETING.COM REFERENCES AD AGE - STATISTICA - ISPOT.TV - INC. MAGAZINE - BUSINESS INSIDER - ....................... INTEREST DESIRE AWARENESS DESIRE INTEREST AWARENESS AWARENESS INTEREST DESIRE ....................... .

3 Steps To Improve Your Marketing Funnel And Stop Wasting Money

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This infographic helps business owners create their own marketing funnel, which is the best way to arrange and visualize different marketing techniques and how to effectively use them to get new customers.


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