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3 big problems with CRM (and how you can fix them)

3. Big problems with CRM (And how you can fix them) Why CRM sucks... Low adoption rates1 More than one-third of enterprises face low CRM adoption rates. Sales reps hate CRM. It doesn't SOURCE: ACCENTURE help them sell-in fact, it hinders them from selling-so they use it as little as possible. 13% Only 13% of sales teams are highly satisfied with their CRM system. SOURCE: SIRIUS DECISIONS 5.5 hours/week 2 Wasted time A rep spends 5.5 hours a week just entering Every minute sales reps Only 18% activities and contacts into CRM. souRcE: HUBSPOT aren't selling equals lost revenue, and reps have to spend a lot of time entering Furthermore, reps spend only 18% of their time data into CRM. actually selling. That's just 7.2 hours a week. time spent selling SOURCE: SIRIUS DECISIONS Low data accuracy 3 The number one 91% reason for data inaccuracy: Because reps use CRM as little as possible, they put very little effort into making sure the HUMAN ERROR of all companies data is SOURCE: EXPERIAN data they enter is accurate incomplete, outdated or and complete. inaccurate. SOURCE: EXPERIAN Your sales reps weren't hired to do data entry. Let technology automate CRM data capturing so that your reps can get back to doing what they do best: selling. 8X Top-performing sales teams are nearly OA more likely than underperformers to be heavy adopters of technology that optimizes the sales process. SOURCE: SALESFORCE 3 primary data leakage points Mobile Phones Office Phones Email After sending an email, a rep Reps communicate with buyers while they're on the go... then Everything discussed in a phone call with a buyer doesn't get doesn't want to get out of "the selling zone" by switching from selling activities to data entry. forget to log it into CRM later. entered into CRM unless a sales rep remembers the details. The typical office worker is interrupted every three minutes. It takes 23 minutes to get their Zone The Selling focus back. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Manage your opportunities – without CRM data entry. - CRM data entry is the thorn in the side of every B2B sales organization. Reps spend too much time on CRM (assuming they use it at all). So how do you solve the CRM adoption problem? You automate all data capturing. Automation: lets sales reps be sales repS. Sales enablement automation tracks all of the following data and logs it into CRM automatically or at a single click of a button: Meetings & appointments Office phone conversations Mobile calls made Emails Contacts CRM Tasks Automatic tracking and logging can help plug the primary data leakage points: mobile phone, office phone and email. For a team of 20 sales reps with an average annual quota of $900,000 each, the hourly sales rep revenue production is $450. By automating just 85% of CRM data entry, the team gets back 4,862 more selling hours each year, and the result is: $2,187,900NA. EXTRA REVENUE. And that's just one part of the sales enablement picture. Contact Accent Technologies today to learn how to sharpen sales execution, improve sales and marketing alignment and increase visibility into sales processes. 800.771.6011 ассent

3 big problems with CRM (and how you can fix them)

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CRM isn’t perfect. In fact, most sales reps would probably agree that CRM is just plain annoying. Beyond the frustrating interface, CRM actually contributes to low win rates and high operational cos...




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