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26 Top Crowdfunding Sites to Use

26TES TOUSE TOP CROWDFUNDING SITES TO USE The crowdfunding landscape has gotten pretty, well, crowded. There are dozens of platforms to choose from. Which one suits your project best? We've listed popular crowdfunding sites by project type and collected crucial details from the fine print to help you decide. NON-PROFITS, CHARITIES & SOCIAL ACTIVISTS THEIR CUT PERKS 4% transaction fees Free analytics to perfect your campaign along the way. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Must be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4). Keep what you raise. CAUSES.COM THEIR CUT PERKS 5% •2.9% Donors don't need to create an account to contribute to your transaction fees campaign. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Limited page design options for the free version. CROWDRISE Keep what you raise. THEIR CUT PERKS 4.9% for campaigns up to $50,000 Helpful guides & tutorials automatically sent to you at each step of your campaign. 2.9% transaction fees FUNDLY CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Every project must have a video & a photo gallery. Keep what you raise. THEIR CUT PERKS 5% +3% A member of their team will be assigned to your campaign to help along the way. STARTSOME GOOD DUMCOUUD transaction fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Projects must have a positive social impact. STARTSOMEGOOD Yes. THEIR CUT PERKS transaction Funds are available in your account 3% YouCaring fees as soon as they're donated. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Once you post an Keep what you raise. YOUCARING update, you can't edit it. SMALL BUSINESSES THEIR CUT bolstr $500-$1,000 listing and regulatory filing fees Legal fees (or use your own attorney) PERKS BOLSTR They help you raise funds from those most likely to continue supporting you post-campaign: your local community. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Must be incorporated (no sole Yes. proprietorships allowed) & pass their background checks. THEIR CUT PERKS time •$100 Tech support, marketing COMMUNITY SOURCED CAPITAL launch fee assistance & administrative per month until help. loan principal is repaid. COMMUNITY CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? SOURCED This is a loan, not a donation. Pledges are set at a fixed amount of $50. CAPITAL Yes. THEIR CUT PERKS FUNDABLE $179 Use their profile creation wizard to set up an attractive campaign per month transaction page. fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? FUNDABLE You can offer backers rewards Yes. or equity, but not both. THEIR CUT PERKS 2.5% Better loan rates than banks or FC other traditional lending agencies. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Loans are limited to $10,000 Yes. & must be repaid within 9 months. FUNDING COMMUNITY THEIR CUT $500 one-time •3.75-7.5% fee PERKS You'll get a dedicated advisor to help run your campaign. LOCALSTAKE CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Must submit an Yes. application for approval. CREATIVES, ARTISTS & FILMMAKERS THEIR CUT PERKS for campaigns up to $100,000 Their Ambassador Network of 5% Pozible successful crowdfunders offer helpful resources & advice. •2.4% transaction fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? POZIBLE Campaign funds are not immediately available - approximate delay of 7 days. Yes. THEIR CUT PERKS Join the Pubslush Prep program 4% fee for helpful resources & market analytics. •3.5% transaction fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? PUBSLUSH Literary projects only. Yes. THEIR CUT SEED& SPARK 5o (They give backers the opportunity to add 5% to their pledge at checkout.) PERKS Their CINEMA streaming video platform is available for projects to distribute their films. SEED & SPARK CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? You must reach at least 80% Each project must be reviewed & accepted. of your goal. THEIR CUT Investment agreements are made between users, slated N/A without Slated's direct involvement. PERKS Access to the Slated community – wealthy investors, sales SLATED agents & distributors. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? You can only start a campaign Keep what you raise. if you hold the film's rights. THEIR CUT PERKS sponsume 5% Once you've reached your minimum funding target, donations are immediately available in your account. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Both campaign Your project must be submitted & approved. SPONSUME types available. SCIENCE & TECH THEIR CUT PERKS 5% •3.5% Backers don't need to make an experiment account to contribute to your transaction fees campaign. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? EXPERIMENT Backers don't receive Yes. incentives for supporting campaigns, other than the satisfaction of contributing to scientific progress. THEIR CUT PERKS They charge a fee, but don't specify the amount on their site. Projects that don't qualify for government funding, or need more than they can raise through grants, can supplement research funds. PETRIDISH .org CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? PETRIDISH Currently in beta & not accepting new projects (as of 08/13/14). Yes. THEIR CUT PERKS Check out TechnoFunding 5% transaction fees lessons for tips from successful projects. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Projects must adhere to guidelines in order to be published to the site. TECHNOFUNDING Yes. STARTUPS THEIR CUT PERKS crowdfunder $299/$999 Confidential document protection, investor analytics, live support & access to their network of investors. per month (2 plans with varied features) CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? CROWDFUNDER Required documents: Legal Terms sheet, Executive Summary, & Investor Pitch Keep what you raise. Deck. THEIR CUT PERKS seedinvest 7.5% Experience. Their support team has overseen billions in private investments. fee CAVEATS $250 You'll need a professional proposal and some patience – it takes time to get project approval. per month technology fee SEEDINVEST •$3,500 ALL-OR-NOTHING? in due dilligence, escrow, and legal fees Yes. THEIR CUT PERKS SeedUps reviews your submission & gives suggestions to help your campaign be successful. SEEDUPS 5% CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Fundraising range is between $25,000 - $500,000. Keep what you raise. SEEDUPS THEIR CUT PERKS Check out their blog for startupvalley 5% successful crowdfunding tips for startups. CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Currently in beta. They're an equity-only platform, so you must be willing to accept investments in exchange for a stake in your Yes. STARTUPVALLEY company. VARIOUS PROJECT TYPES THEIR CUT PERKS O tilt 2.5 2.5% Set a minimum goal & a "dream goal." transaction fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? They don't list all active campaigns on their site - you'll have to use your existing networks to raise funds & spread the word. TILT Yes. THEIR CUT FLEXIBLE FUNDING FIXED FUNDING 4% fee if you reach your goal / 9% fee if you transaction don't fees PERKS CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Use the Indiegogo Playbook for tips. INDIEGOGO Both campaign Projects are promoted on the site based on their "Gogofactor," determined by how active your campaign is. types available. THEIR CUT PERKS KICK 5% 3-5% STARTER 5% •3-5% Most well-known platform, with the widest audience. transaction fees CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? KICKSTARTER You'll have to work hard Yes. to stand out from the crowd. THEIR CUT PERKS '8% Enroll in the Success School if goal is met if not for helpful campaign advice. transaction •4% fees ROCKETHUB CAVEATS ALL-OR-NOTHING? Keep what you Campaign funds are not immediately available – approximate delay of 5-10 days. raise. Wrike If you're gearing up for your first ever campaign, read our article on the 10 BROUGHT TO YOU BY Essential Elements of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign here: Award-winning project management and collaboration software SOURCES;;;;

26 Top Crowdfunding Sites to Use

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Describing about the list of popular crowdfunding sites by project type and collected crucial details from the fine print to help you decide.


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