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25 Ways To Deal With Vagarious SEO Clients

25 WAYS TO DEAL WITH VAGARIOUS SEO CLIENTS MISTER NO CHANGE WILL BE MADE UNTIL I APPROVE OF IT! APPROVED The longer SEO waits for Define the list of decisions approval, the later he starts that require approval and his work and the later the the ones that don't. Do it client will see any results. in a written form and specify every detail. Say it to the client one more time. MISTER I DON'T CARE HOW YOU DO IT, JUST DO IT AND DO IT FAST. IT'S WHATI HIRED YOU FOR. VIP 3 Say you need to ensure your actions are always aligned No one knows a site better than a site owner, make the client feel important with site owner's goals. The only way to do this is and influential but avoid periodic communication. looking helpless. MISTER THIS WAY? I'VE READ IN AN ARTICLE... WHY ARE YOU DOING IT POST Read the article; explain why Stress out how unique your the case described there is client's site is and that not applicable to a client's site (it's either too specific or too generic). it requires special treatment. ABC If the client goes on being fanatic about self-education, agree to do what he wants but say you'll not take responsibility for the outcome. MISTER OMG! MY RANKINGS DROPPED. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! #!* HOW Let the client speak his mind Explain how complex SEO is and that the cause could and calm down. be more than a couple of years old. AUDIT 10 Insist on making a detailed audit before deciding who to blame: you, their previous provider or the client himself. MISTER I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY INCREASE IN SALES. ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING AT ALL? 11 12 Show how much traffic you Provide them with detailed already earned for them. reports to prove you've been working hard. 6% 15% 30% 72% SALE 13 14 Ask the client when they reviewed their sales process Insist on hiring a CRO specialist if you suspect the for the last time. problem might be on a deeper level. MISTER OUR PREVIOUS SEO/ SEO FIRM DID IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND... EXIT 15 16 Ask the client to remind you Explain why the approach why they fired their last their last provider used is a bad choice or why it SEO firm. doesn't work for your company or for the client at this time. MISTER I WANT IT ALL REPORTED. $4 MONTH 17 18 Gently say that you have nothing against reports but it takes time and you will Agree on a definite set of reports you will send to the client weekly / biweekly / have to bill the clients for monthly and follow the rule that time too while there are strictly. better ways to spend their money. MISTER I'LL READ IT LATER AND GIVE YOU MY FEEDBACK. LOVE THE CLIENT 19 20 Explain how important it is Suggest breaking down to get the right feedback on the right time from the the docs you sent in accordance with iterations. right person. Again make the client feel important. Set the time line when the client will have to send you his opinion on the very first iteration. 21 Make it one step at a time, accept the fact that your client might simply have too much on the plate. MISTER SECOND POSITION ISN'T ENOUGH. I WANNA BE THE BEST! TIRAFFIC UCCESS 22 23 Destroy client's false values Shift his attention to other (1st isn't always the best) values and success you've and suggest focusing already achieved. Some clients are just too focused on traffic instead. on rankings. MISTER I WANT TO BE RANKED BY TOMORROW. 24 25 First option – explain why it's impossible. Second option - run as fast as you can. COPYRIGHT © 2013, LINK-ASSISTANT.COM - HOME OF THE BEST INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS

25 Ways To Deal With Vagarious SEO Clients

shared by kseniadobreva on Nov 19
How often is your business threatened by vagaries of SEO clients who don't often even know what they want? They are getting on our nerves and sometimes we even start to thinks that working with some o...


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