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24 Tools Which Are Essential for Online Collaboration

THESE 24 TOOLS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR Online Collaboration REAL-TIME COLLABORATION Google Google Docs Google Docs has long been the leader in online collaboration. But does it still rule the world? Office 365 Office have recently caught up with Google. Can it challenge Google's supremacy? Pros · Easy to use Unlimited number of people can edit at the same time Can access from any device Pros - Can be adapted to suit your professional environment - The collaboration works in the same way as Google Docs, except with Office you have the familiarity factor - Works across multiple devices, allowing you to keep on the move Cons · Requires a Google account to create docs • To avoid the need for an account, it's possible to share docs publicly, but this creates obvious security risks • If you are used to Office, it may take some adjustment COLLABORATIVE PLANNING Mindmeister Developed by MeisterLabs, this tool allows you to map your minds collaboratively. ConceptBoard Founded in 2010 by Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder, ConceptBoard is a simple solution for online collaboration. Pros - Great for small projects Cloud-based, meaning you can access it from any browser Create as many mind-maps as you want, with no size limits Pros · Allows you to drag-and-drop files from the web or your desktop. Compatible with Office - Your collaborators don't need to have a ConceptBoard account - Autosaves work as you go along. Cons · Recent software issues with the companion app may slow you down -Some awkwardness when creating a "thought node' · Poor support Cons · Some of the features require you to have a Chrome browser • The 'Quick Navigation' features require you to have a mouse wheel - not good if you're using a laptop that doesn't have one • The complexity can take some getting used to PROJECT MANAGEMENT Wríke a: Trello If you was to sit down and have a cup of tea with the guys from Trello, they would tell you that what they provide is 'a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards." Wrike A real-time platform for collaboration and work management. Asana These guys are on a mission to 'help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.' Pros - Stays perfectly in sync across all devices · Moulds itself around your individual projects Allows you to create un-cluttered workspaces Pros -Integrates with most things: Excel, Word, Google Drive etc. · Allows you to turn emails into tasks, meaning important communications never get buried in the inbox - Has the vote of some massive companies: Google, PayPal and more Pros · Cuts out email so you can work faster - Streamlines the workflow - as they say: "Less work about work'. - No need for update-meetings - everyone can see the latest at a glance Cons • There is no budgeting feature · General lack of customisation - The pricing structure lacks flexibility Cons • Not good if you want a more in-depth project management platform • Cannot work offline • Lacks a discussion function Cons • You have to use Google Docs for simultaneous collaboration - It doesn't have a calendar · There is no project bar chart (GANTT), so you can't see progress at a glance CİTRIX Citrix This global company provides innovative mobile workspaces, aiming to harmonise the work/life balance. Pros Allows you to build and customise your own cloud · Excellent security features that don't compromise usability - You can access your Windows Apps and desktop on any device VIDEO CONFERENCING Google Skype Everybody knows Skype by now. But you can do more than just call and message people. Google Hangouts : GoToMeeting (GTM) (Premium) The online giant has developed this platform for video chatting and instant messaging. But does it rival the rest of the field? GTM provides tools for web conferencing online meetings. Developed by Citrix. Pros - Skype is ubiquitous - most people have a Škype account · Allows for group video calls - Free to use Pros · Allows you to host unlimited meetings, webinars and training sessions · Compatible with most mobile devices - Reasonably priced Cons · Only allows group video calls for up to ten people · Lacks the ability to schedule meetings Pros - Easy to use · Allows you to add video calls to your Google Calendar · Excellent for internal communications Cons • The software is unable to give the moderator enough info. regarding the dial-in attendees - this could be a security risk - Sometimes the audio disconnects during presentations when being recorded • It is limited to just 26 attendees Cons - Your organisation must have a Google Apps account · Everyone using Hangouts must have a Google account - Video calls only support a maximum fifteen users COLLABORATIVE CODING collabedit simple collaborative text •. Floobits Collabedit Provides a simple platform for remote coding, and aims to keep at the 'edge of innovation'. Floobits A flexible platform for computer programmers. Share, edit and create in real-time. Pros Allows you to interview potential technicians to make sure they meet your standards - Specially designed for sharing code Provides a teacher/student workspace Pros · Has a video calling feature with a real-time text editor Supports Sublime text, Vim, Emacs and IntelliJ IDEA - Allows you to keep desktop directories in sync with the workspace Cons · You have to have a Google Hangouts account to use their video function COLLABORATIVE DESIGN cage flatsies A web Whiteboard Cage This platform is a simple way for designers and teams to ʻshare, manage and approve their creative work." WhiteBoard This smart app. connects designers to their clients in a 'simple and elegant way." ( A nifty little app. that allows you to draw, collaborate and share around the world. Pros · Allows you to keep track of revisions · It allows real-time conversations when working on video production, -Speeds up the completion process, allowing clients to approve work instantly Pros - Touch-friendly draw and design platform Compatible with a wide range of devices -Works on all modern browsers Pros - Built specifically for designers - Affordable - Retina ready, meaning it automatically adjusts retina images Cons · Currently not accepting new sign-ups murally Canvasdropr They describe themselves as Google Docs for images and videos. Pros The sticky-note feature makes sketch-drawing a lot faster and easier - Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Evernote and Google Drive friendly. Great for visual thinkers - visually organise your thoughts Pros · Allows users to collaborate with rich media · Simplifies the process by having a canvas for each project - Geared towards media agencies, designers and other creative businesses Cons - Need a paid subscription - The cheapest option (S29 p/m) only allows for up to three users - They do not accept debit cards COLLABORATIVE FEEDBACK REDPEN TOOL Red Pen Tool A great tool for teachers, students and scholars who want to share feedback remotely and instantly. Pros - Allows teachers to assign tasks to students remotely Provides on-screen marking, annotating and assessment tools - Works in the web browser FILE SHARING We OneDrive transfer Google Drive Google Drive OneDrive Formerly known as Skydrive, this : Google proudly boast that this is cloud service allows you to upload, share and sync files. Developed by Microsoft. WeTransfer A cloud service that allows users to transfer files big and small. a 'beefed up version of Google Docs. Pros - Specialises in transferring big files - It's very simple and easy to use. A pure file-transfer platform - Free to use Pros · Is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems - 15GB of free storage Enables users to work with Office programs from any computer Pros - Free to use - 15GB of free storage - Allows you to create surveys for your website which are automatically added to a Google Sheet Cons • Google will use some of your data for advertising purposes · Doesn't have split-the-bill storage capabilities Cons • Will display full-screen ads Cons · Has a disappointing camera-roll update, especially when using Android - People have reported that the camera back-up doesn't automatically sync · Paid storage isn't as attractive as its competitors ebeamit 4ile traaster wade eas Dropbox JustBeamit A quick and easy file transferring service. Once upon a time there was a home for all your personal and professional media. And there still is! Dropbox Pros -You don't need an account - just hop on the website and beam your files to wherever you want - Free to use - Can drag-n-drop or Use traditional file browsing Pros · Good security features Allows teams to sync and share data instantly · Fast and easy-to-use, and compatible with most devices Cons • The download link is only available for ten minutes · Some people may find the process a bit convoluted Cons • The installation can be very slow if uploading large files · You only have thirty days to restore deleted files - Can be a bit confusing when starting out

24 Tools Which Are Essential for Online Collaboration

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Collaborating online has never been easier. The world is getting smaller thanks to the myriad of apps, online tools and platforms available to us when creating work. This is a run down of the apps we...






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