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24-Hour Delivery

24-HOUR DELIVERY FRAGILE Shopping online has grown increasingly popular, the novelty of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home has definitely been a welcome development and for most people now, the internet is the first point of call when researching a product.But, have you ever wondered what journey your order goes on and how these companies manage to deliver your product to you so quickly? Placing Order Online EVERY MINUTE The most popular shopping website is £175,000 is spent by consumers online Google TM There are 2 million search queries made on Google per second.. 79% 57% 70% of online shoppers of all companies that of adult social spend 50% of their use social media for networkers shop online online shopping time business use Twitter researching products f SALE CLICK HERE 20% 57% 55% of Facebook users have of marketers acquire of consumers share purchased something customers via blogging their purchases on social because of ads or media, Facebook is the comments they have seen most popular platform 83% 59% 41% of consumers are looking of consumers shopping of consumers shopping for ecommerce deals and on their smartphone on their smartphone are promotions on social media are doing it at home outside the home Order Received by the Company Order received online instantly via company computer systems Warehouses open 24/7 allow orders to be 24/7 processed at any hour of the day making the dispatch process a lot quicker Each product has a unique barcode so that WAREHOUSE it can be found quickly in the warehouse BARCDDE FRAGILE FRAGILE Product Picked and Packed Robot Picking Systems are now used in warehouses to find a product in amongst huge stock levels Huge inventory means that they have everything in stock 500% Robots involved in the picking and packing system can make the process up to 500% faster than previously COMPANIES USING ROBOTIC SYSTEMS INCLUDE ASDA NET-A- PORTER ocado Amazon purchased 'Kiva Systems', a robotic picking 2-4 X FASTER system, for The robots can process 2 - $775 M 4 times more orders per hour than manual labour Kiya mobile robots use sensors and wireless networking 30 MPH technology to move products Robots can move at between workers in the KIVA SYSTEMS warehouse approx 30 mph Amazon's Phoenix, Arizona warehouse (fulfilment centres) is 1.2 million square feet and big enough to contain 28 football fields They use product specific barcodes to identify each individual item Amazon processes approx 35 orders per second during the Christmas season MOST WANTED Online shopping habits are tracked so that more popular items are easily accessible FRAGILE ITEMS DELIVERED Delivered to Customer ups FedEx. Express 3.3 M PACKAGES PACKAGES UPS ships approx. 1 million FedEx handles 3.3 million packages every day packages every day Hi! Your package is almost there GPS technology can be Some delivery companies keep used by the customer to customers up to date with their track the package delivery via text or email Delivery companies make use of national weather technology to forecast any bad weather and therefore delays along routes Delivery planes are equipped with sensors for real time data weather retrieval Infographic by: O SOURCES webtise. warehouse-automation-process-to-the-next-level.html THANK YOU

24-Hour Delivery

shared by WebtiseUK on Mar 21
Ever wondered how companies manage to deliver your product within 24 hours? Find out what technology and management processes they use with this infographic.







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