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The 21st Century Office - The Coolest Office Spaces In The World

THE ZIST CENTURY IFFICE The Coolest Office Spaces in the World Once upon a time, there was an office with rows and rows of cubicles. The main attraction at this office was a water cooler, and the fridge smelled of something that had been cooked years earlier. But in the year 2015 it was dreadfully apparent that this sort of office not only hurt its employees' productivity, but it also deterred the company from hiring talented workers. In this infographic, we take a look at some of the coolest places to work in the world, and why people love working there. THE GAMING OFFIGES Riot Games Santa Monica, California Designed by Shubin and Donaldson Riot Games' new Los Angeles office was inspired by Korean LAN gaming cafes, known as PC bangs. Features include: VIDE O GAME MEETING @2PM IDE O GAMÄ–S ROOM 5 Mid-Century Buildings with 4 Atriums A quad stocked with drought- resitant plants 100 Breakout Arcade Rooms Employees enjoy: 12 Subsidized Gym Membership Massage Therapy Flexible Hours THE LISAPFEARINE LFFICE Heldergroen Amsterdam, Wetherlands Concept by Bright Green - Designed by Zece Architects Heldergroen aims to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. After 6 pm , a key is turned, and steel cables lift the desks towards the ceiling. When the desks are packed away, the empty space is used for: Yoga Classes Dance Lessons Parties THE OFFICE IN THE WOODS Selgas Cano Architecture Madrid. Spain Designed by lwan Baan & Selgas Cano Located in the woods near Madrid, Selgas Cano Architecture's office is based on the calming effects of the environment, allowing workers to collaborate freely in an environment that mimics the outdoors. The north-facing, 20mm thick, curved window, made of transparent acrylic, allows in the natural beauty that surrounds the office. The south-facing portion of the roof is opaque, constructed of 110mm thick, insulated fiberglass/polyester sandwich. It shades the workers from direct sunlight throughout the day. The semi-subterranean design also creates an identity for the firm. A HOME AWAY FROM HIME HomeAway Austin, Texas Designed by CTA Architects Engineers HomeAway's office is made up of mostly sustainable products. 85% of countertop material is made from recycled glass. Workstations consist of Restrooms use water The office maximizes 46% recycled materials conserving fixtures. the use of natural light. 85% 46% RESTROOMS Employees are encouraged to stay healthy and live green. M) METRO BUS PASS JOHNNY COMMUTER 82 5546 76 6786 (M PARKING EXPIRES: JAN 2017 RESERVED Bike storage lockers and showers for bicycle commuters Subsidized mass transit passes for employees Prime parking spaces for eco-friendly vehicles THE UNDERGROUND OFFICE White Mountain Stockholm, Sweden Designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects A 1,200 square meter Atomic Bomb Shelter, located under Vita Berg Park, houses the network operations centers for one of Sweden's largest internet service providers. The offices granite walls house ample servers and work space for 15 senior technical staff members. Artificial waterfalls and plants adorn the hallways, with a light fog for added ambiance. German submarine engines serve as backup power. Sources: Jvanti systems ...* ----

The 21st Century Office - The Coolest Office Spaces In The World

shared by katiebozich on Nov 25
Offices used to all look the same, filled with rows and rows upon cubicles and artificial lighting. Today, office space has been reinvented, with companies keen to boost morale and happiness among the...


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