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21st Century Customers: Engaging with the global consumers

21st Century Customers ENGAGING WITH THE GLOBAL CONSUMERS mccrindle know the times research GROWING GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY Technology + mobility driving interactivity HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL tripadvisor 280 msn. B BB X BUILDERS 1930 - 1944 BOOMERS 1945 - 1964 GEN X 1965 - 1979 GEN Y 1980 - 1994 GEN Z 1995 - 2010 TELEGRAM Phone Card CS Student Flights CouchSurfing MEDIAN AGE THE GAP YEAR Beanhunter anɔROID *eatability 31 36 AUSTRALIA 36 37 39 38 34 Tuesday 37 Gen X Australia ... 40 GLOBAL MEDIAN AGE a multigenerational world 38X BB 41 44 36 X 45 BB 18 35X 26 14-20 18 15 20-25 29Y 25-30 37X 30-3E 25 35-40 х BB 40+ 65+ TODAY'S WORKFORCE BY GENERATION BB Baby Boomers & Builders are downshifting from full-time jobs... 55-64 U25 X-вв V-X 45-54 25-34 35-44 20s & under Late 20s-30s х-вв Late 50s-60s 2020s: THE XYZ WORKFORCE V-X Late 30s-40s while Generations Late 40s-50s Y & Z are emerging. AUSTRALIA'S WEALTH BY GENERATION The Boomers aged 55-74 are 1/4 of the population but own 1/2 Australia's private wealth. 1500 + $% The three trillion dollar generation NATIONAL 1000 + WEALTH (SB) 500 + 26% 26% 26% 16% 6% 0.46% 0% 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s BB X-вв Y-X 14% 12% 14% 14% 14% 13% 19% NATIONAL .5m POPULATION (м) 1m 1.5m 2m GLOBAL BRANDS 1960s - 70s: BRITISH AIRWAYS GM MINIE Coca-Cola From UK + US centric brands... GLOBAL BRANDS 1980s - 90s: VOLVO NOKIA FUJIFILM Sizzler Ck IKEA KIA SUBWAY Gatorade KIA MOTORS HYUNDAI Nintendo D DAIHATSU To the rise of Asia... GLOBAL BRANDS 21st Century: ING Nestlē BlackBerry kikki.K SAMSUNG Great Wall xstrata Google COSTCO NIVEA Y ZARA HSBC hTC quietly brilliant ASUS Chatime OUS mON noggi. EWHOLESALE Emirates HM E ALDI Good Tea Good Tme ETIHAD EasyWay havaianas. To truly global brand influences today Kathmandu FROM LOW LOYALTY TO BRAND EVANGELISM ritos MAKE AN ADE MAKE A FORTUNE BUY OUR PRODUCT D THE WINNER IS.. ONGRATULATIONS TO ALEX GEO (we're on a billboard). ND HIS WINNING AD 'DENNIS rbae weks 1354 i nt A 0ina Ale Geoe an e ig Sisk-phs I or ery vte be mtei pic, veted ih a bonus 4.4 ngway A big thank to eerone who bmted viously coulde b nd w Tour w g comp wbe com NO LOGO NAOMI KLEIN 2012 2011 2010 2009 2000 MAC CosmeticS MACHo enice 1A 1 penple e his Pandora Wahes 23 Aunet 4 1,4.0 people le te BONDSO bumps & baby 2Augt 042 137,20 pepleke FROM DIGITAL TRANSACTORS TO DIGITAL INTEGRATORS... 12 11 Tue Now, 2010 10 12:31 3 8 4. Swatch SWISS MVerb Dropbox Sylia Cooper Conversations PHILIPS OS FROM POWER TO INFLUENCE WebMD Drugs & Supplements Heath AZ symptomchecker Health Conditions Alergies Aiety Disorders Avits Back Pain ipolar Disorder Cancer WIKIPEDIA English The Free Encyclopedia 4000 000ces | 日本語 clopedia lbre po0- articules Die freie Engyk 1430 000-A b00. erare 1220 taliano lopedia lbera Polsk Wolna encyk s0s 000- Portugues A enciclopeda lure 100 000 Julia Gillard JuliaGillard FOLLOWS YOU Oficial Tuitter account of the Prime Mini Tweets by the PM are signed JG. Cantera Australa palporg au Tweet to Julia GIllard Tweets a eaGilard Tweets Following ке Followers Favorites pic t mccrindle know the times research | Britannica

21st Century Customers: Engaging with the global consumers

shared by mccrindleresearch on Sep 25
This McCrindle Research infographic maps out how increasingly global Australia's market culture has become over the decades. It also takes a look at shifts in consumer behaviour and the global generations.


McCrindle Research


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