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21 Tools for Managing Remote Teams

21 Tools for Managing Remote Teams Remote workers are 13% more productive. They take fewer sick leaves and are 76% more loyal to your company. Here are 21 methods and tools to help you enjoy the advantages of remote teams. 1 2 Sourcing Managing Breezy Recruit top talent anywhere with Breezy. You can also source on LinkedIn, AngelList, WeWorkRemotely and StackOverflow. dapulse Manage distributed teams of all sizes with dapulse. This fast project management and collaboration tool is perfect for making everyone feel part of the team. Telework grew by nearly from 2005 to 2012 80% 13% Remote workers are more productivee 3 Connecting 4 sqwiggle Turn a bunch of strangers into a team. This tool shows you the people you work with throughout the day and gives a feeling of real presence. Sharing Code Cloud9 Attract rockstar coders, by letting them work with your other rockstar coders Cloud9 is an online code editor with a full Ubuntu workspace in the cloud. 6. 5 Cloud9 Onboarding The world's most successful tech Meldium Give new employees access without sharing passwords. Onboarding with one click and no security breach. companies work remotely: Zapier, GitHub, Mozilla Firefox, Automattic. 6 55% Organizing of workers would use a mobile scheduling app When I Work In less than 15 minutes, create the weekly schedule for all your remote shift workers. 7 Brainstorming 8 Evernote Now you don't need to worry that working remotely will hurt your company culture. Encourage your team to collect ideas and share them on evernote. Automating Zapier Connect everyone's favorite tools to one another with Zapier. No coding needed. 9 米 iDoneThis Motivating iDoneThis 10 Hard work doesn't go unnoticed: This tool gathers everyone's work, then sends it out as a daily digest. Collaborating Google Drive Keep your distributed content team moving fast! Don't| 11 them time on emailing Talking files back and forth. Instead, have them collaborate in real time on Google Drive. Build trust between team members who never met with this instant online join me meeting solution. Forecast: The file sharing market will grow to 13 $2.3 billiony2018 Syncing World Time Buddy 12 A travelling CEO's best friend: Easily see all time zones when you're scheduling conf-calls. Signing Contracts 64%of workers HelloSign No more FedExing contracts back and forth. This e-Signature app is fast, secure and legally binding. will sacrifice pay to work from home 14 15 Enhancing Monitoring It's hard to focus on work with the laundry piling up. Help employees working from home to separate work from life with this to-do app. WeekDone Collect weekly reports from employees in Tokyo, London and Delhi. 16 17 Meeting Getting Hold HeyFlock The daily standup meeting is a startup's hallmark. This tool lets you do it remotely. Pushbullet Reach your remote employees ASAP by making all their devices act as one. 18 19 Supporting Selling HelpScout Connect your knowledge base with your help desk for those overseas Nimble Give remote Sales people a competitive edge. This app updates itself with data on prospects. support teams. 20 Scheduling 21 Acuity Scheduling Show the available slots on your Thanking calendar to others and let them do the scheduling themselves. Amazon Gift Card Say “thanks for your great work" by giving a employees anywhere in the world a gift they can actually use. dapulse. Fast Project Management for Startups Resources ** ** ** [grew by nearly 80% ** ** **

21 Tools for Managing Remote Teams

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Remote workers are 13% more productive. They take fewer sick leaves and are 76% more loyal to their company. It’s no surprise then, that remote work grew by nearly 80% from 2005 to 2012. Recruiting ...



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