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2014 Trends Dominating eCommerce

-> 2014 Trends Dominating eCommerce Presented By Alediotype Alobile Mobile is a bridge uniting the digital and physical enagagement Every brand experience counts, especially mobile Passbook, by using the phone's World Wide Mobile Transactions GPS and hardware sensors, can "We expect global mobile transaction volume and value to average 35 percent annual growth between 2012 and 2017, and we are forecasting a market worth $721 billion with more than 450 million users by 2017," said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner. geo-locate a consumer and generate a notification designed to result in a well $235.4 Billion Spent timed transaction. That's intriguing on a gift card level, $163.1 Billion Spent but consider how potent it can the device -system is king right now be coupled with mobile $105.9 Billion Spent payment functionality and $48.9 Billion Spent mobile marketing. Preferred, or sponsoring merchants will be able to take a payment from an iPhone and stimulate a purchase emotion or opportunity - "Overall, one thing is clear: mobile platforms are set to change the way we buy, transact and consume in our local environment. Local commerce is a massive carrot for growth, a $1 trillion opportunity in the US alone." Add to Passbook - Steve Cheney SED Authenticity, real value, engaging entertainment Everything is moving towards crowd and away from algorithm 50 % Organic traffic can be generated in a number of ways. The most p 25% The Number Of commonly known and relied 239% Screen Resolutions Has Increased upon, of course, is traffic found From 97 in 2010 to 232 in through Search Engine 2013 Result Pages (SERP).. Many SEO 2 10 Tablet & Mobile Device Adoption Is So Relaevant That a Desktop Only Site Isn't Engaging 40% of its Traffic Optimally, and This Means Major SEO Dings page load time in seconds agencies claim that SEO leads 40% have nearly a 15% closing rate, traffic by search result position while outbound leads (such as 10% 7% direct mail or print advertising) 20% only have a 1.7% closing rate. #1, #2, #3 Search Results Not Worth Mentioning Academics might be curious? Get All The Traffic UX People feel more comfortable interacting with an interface that makes sense In the past, everyone wanted to Always-on consumers expect website experiences that meet their needs regardless of the devices they're using. Smartphone Users 82% browse the web 75% check email Tablet Users follow Amazon, and while that 57% use social networks 45% purchase products trend will continue in 2014, Did you know? 98% of consumers move between devices with the same day! -Google More screens & Mobile Devices Drive Consumer behavior several factors are at play, the least of which are: The Mobile Is it as easy as opening a box? Device eco-system; Google INTERACTION BETTER shopping express, the maturity Technology of JavaScript in the client side, the momentum that modern frameworks are getting, like: UX Angular.js ; Node.js ; Magento Business Design Enterprise Edition & Responsive CSS (SAAS, Skeleton, Foundation, Unsemantic). Social digg reddit ma.gnolia google bookmarks pinterest twitter furl facebook spurl Social Media accounts for over interconnectivity> social proof 8% of the value that goes into Ranking Factors by Google. This number can also only be 5% share expected to rise in the future. when they Currently the only 4 Social Media buy it platforms which are tracked 63% share (by Google at least) and given 5% 26% more likely when they metrics by which Ranking Value 63% 26% is assigned, are Google +, to be clicked Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. when endorsed by For each of these, the number a friend's facebook something of Followers, Friends, Likes, page Unlikes, Shares, +1's, Tweets, Alediotype Retweets, and Comments are all tracked.

2014 Trends Dominating eCommerce

shared by Mediotype on Nov 23
The landscape is quickly changing. Thanks to good data we have a clear read of what lies ahead in the web of eCommerce. Here's a high level overview of what to tune into for successful operations in 2014!




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