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In 2014, I wish I could...

Justover17% value living so mewhe re as so mething to strive for. For three quarters of the se that 1 - to pons ha although some would Forabout a sixth of people, living in a good Overtwo thirds want to sta rta family, with some gb become aa piring in a Live theng a neighbourhood is key. ce they canc dabiliwn refer to live in a co mmu ne want tb Under10% w hose ambition rega rding d parents. O, Love and stable bo ut 100 re jations hips is kee ping the ir best frie nds. I WISH I COULD... Around 8% value helping" as their most important aing orFor about a third of these, this involves quarter, It's geting involved in theircom munity. 15% want torovoke social change. Y Help Learn Many people want to learn practical skills so they can become independent of the system – whether that's becoming qualified in an area they've developed a new interest in or becoming fluent in another language to work abroad. Others want to better understand the world around them, keep learning to develop themselves and even teach their children the skills they have learnt. r family and friends. For a What are the aspirations young people across Europe find most important? Only 8% of people value eaming money as the key princ or to t Travel Around an eighth of respondents value travelling" as their number one ambition. Surprisingly around six in ten of these want to travel around the world. About a quarter of peoplejust want to travel more regularly. A tenth of people want to live in anofher country A small minority want to work abroad. Earn r from st in parti 4. a thirc job, or afor- Aenby aant Agquao antures. A d on earnin Make Just under afifth of participants felt making was an important ambition. Athird of thesewant to do méaningfulworkthat they enjoy and that they are good at. Anotherthird of peoplé want to start their Own business. While only five percent want to do work which challeng ed them, áround 15 percent strive to have a stable job. Equally, the same percentagewant to achieve prog ress in their career. le to s evely as in of De S o can pay for their fe stan et Badsed or own. famaro Susiseg

In 2014, I wish I could...

shared by noel.hatch on Jan 03
We invited young people across Europe to share their stories on how they cope with making a living. As part of this, we asked them to tell us what they wanted to achieve in 2014.




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