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2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

2014 Forbes BILLIONAIRE FACTS & FIGURES The combined wealth of 1,645 Billionaires is $6.4 trillion $6400,000,000,000 This is enough to give every single person on the planet $914.28 The stats RI.P 268 RI.F R.I.P 16 [100| number of newly minted billionaries number of number of billionaires who billionaires who died fell from the list in the past year 42 172 172 women on the list, 42 new women up from 138 in 2013 billionaires A record net worth of $31,000,000,000 was needed to crack the top 20 list, this is up from $23 billion in 2013. Notable first timers Facebook's COO Fashion King Michael Kors WWE CEO Sheryl Sandberg Vince McMahon Where they live Australia, 29 Canada, 32 Italy, 35 France, 43 Hong Kong, 45 UK, 47 US, 492 India, 56 Brazil, 65 Germany, 84 Russia, 111 China, 152 Pie chart does not include 454 billionaires who were spread between all remaining countries Billionaires were found for the first time in: Algeria Lithuania Tanzania Uganda The winners $15.2bn The youngest The biggest dollar gainer Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, added $15.2 billion The oldest David Rockefeller, Sr. from the US is 98 years old Perenna Kei from Hong Kong is only 24 years old to his fortune The losers Turkey Indonesia Rp = 20% Lost 8 Billionaires due to the national currency, Lost 19 billionaires due to soaring inflation and a sagging economy the Rupiah, losing 20% compared to the US Dollar Just how rich are they? Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He's worth $76 Billion. If you earn $50,000 for 40 years = $2,000,00O That's 38,00O lifetimes or 1,520,000 years 0000000000. $50k 40 $2m х YEARS $2m x 38k LIFETIMES - $76,000,000,000 The Top 10 $76bn Bill Gates $72bn $64bn $58.2bn $48bn Carlos Slim Helu Warren Buffett Amancio Larry Ellison Ortega $40bn $40bn $38bn $36.7bn $34.7bn Charles Koch Christy Walton David Sheldon Jim Walton Koch Adelson Brought to you by Source: Forbes Designed by Tom Ovens

2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

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