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The 20 Worst Things You Can Do During a Divorce

THE 20 WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO DURING A DIVORCE We all know that divorces can be stressful. However, it's vital that we keep our heads and act in the right manner. Here are the 20 worst things you can do in a divorce. IGNORING YOUR CHILDREN'S FEELINGS. Kids can become depressed or worse when their parents are splitting up. TRYING TO GET MORE THAN YOUR FAIR SHARE OF THE SETTLEMENT. Some lawyers are more than happy to punish your ex-partner on your behalf, but that will upset your kids and cost a lot of money. REFUSING TO SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERWORK. 40 to 50% of couples get divorced in the US these days, so it's nothing to be ashamed about. STOP SPEAKING WITH YOUR EX-PARTNER. Some lawyers are more than happy to punish your ex-partner on your behalf, but that will upset your kids and cost a lot of money. BLAMING ANYONE ELSE FOR YOUR DIVORCE. While some people might have played a role in bringing it about, it's just one of those things. IGNORING THE TRUTH. Your lawyer might have to bring you back to reality. They are only trying to help you get the best outcome. Don't penalize them for it. BLAMING YOUR SPOUSE FOR EVERYTHING. There is a significant chance your actions and attitude contributed to the marital issues. REFUSING TO CONSIDER MEDIATION. 99% of divorces settle by an agreement so why not start the process sooner. MAKING ASSUMPTIONS REGARDING YOUR CASE. There are n guarantees when dealing with family cases, so you should not presume you are going to win any battle. LETTING YOUR EMOTIONS CONTROL YOUR ACTIONS. That is the worst thing you can do. It is vital that you act in an adult and professional manner. REFUSING TO FORGIVE YOUR PARTNER. Just because you are getting divorced, that does not mean you should start a lifelong vendetta. INCREASING YOUR DEBT. Divorces can be very expensive, so you need to cut back on those less than necessary purchases. SETTLING TOO EARLY. Some people get a bad deal because they want their divorce to be over as quickly as possible. WAITING TO START PROCEEDINGS. There is never a good time to get divorced, so you should get the ball rolling as soon as you're certain it's the right move REFUSING THERAPY. Many divorcees find that starting a new life can be tough. If you are offered therapy, you should take it. FORGETTING TO CHANGE YOUR WILL. Unless you want all your money to go back to your ex-partner, you need to get your will changed fast. LYING TO YOUR LAWYER. Your legal representative wants to get the best deal for you. Lying to them could mean things go wrong. SELLING YOUR EX-PARTNERS POSSESSIONS. On Salel Disposing of assets owned by your ex-partner could land you in hot water when they request them through the courts. USING DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. You need to keep your head during a divorce. Drug and alcohol use will never work in your favor. POSTING ABOUT THE DIVORCE ON FACEBOOK. Social media websites might be wonderful tools, but they are not the place to talk about your divorce. THEMICKLINLAWGROUP Handling your family matters personally, promptly and professionally. Sources:

The 20 Worst Things You Can Do During a Divorce

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Divorce is never easy – even for the most civilized couples. With so much anger, frustration and fear, it’s all-too-easy to let your emotions get the best of you. But losing your head can cause yo...






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