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20 Expert Hacks to Become the Ultimate Manager

20 EXPERT HACKS ТО ВЕСОМЕ The Ultimate LINE MANAGER No matter what your line of work, it's highly likely you will be in charge of managing people at some point. From small teams, to entire regions of offices, the core principles of management remain the same. This infographic from lays out the essential traits of a great manager. 7 Typical responsibilities to MASTER Day-to-day рeople management Operational cost management 1 234 5678 9 10 11 Technical Work monitoring and quality checking Work and rota expertise provision allocation Operational performance Customer/client interaction measurement RESPECT YOUR HR DIRECTOR: BE FORGIVING Don't expect immediate results to your queries; be forgiving when processes take time. 9 Ways to gain respect FROM YOUR STAFF Show interest in getting to know them Show interest their career Clearly define instructions personally progression and targets Let them work Keep calm under Make them feel without looking comfortable over their shoulder pressure Inform them of their mistakes and how to fix Give them credit Admit your them - privately, not in from of for good work - publically mistakes the team TRUST + COMMITMENT + ENGAGEMENT %D GREAT MANAGER-STAFF RELATIONSHIPS 5 Tips to become A WELL-ROUNDED LINE MANAGER Be fair be even handed when dealing with your team Be inspirational show passion Be a grafter muck in with your team and put in the hours Be innovative share new ideas Be accessible let your team know you'll listen 7 Steps to improve your PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS Take the lead Delegate where possible Value everyone's contribution Take Pride in motivating and developing your staff Prioritise staff morale and look after staff wellbeing Learn how to effectively resolve conflicts and deal with negative behaviour Seek feedback to all communications with staff 7 Steps to develop your ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT SKILLS Engage in crisis management Seek continuous improvement Improve planning and organising Improve strategic and project management Improve risk management Focus on Conduct improving customer/client meetings X efficiently and eliminate satisfaction through business performance unnecessary ones 8 Characteristics of a STAFF-INSPIRING MANAGER High achiever Effective Great Strong influencer speaker listener Decisive Seeks self- Great time Assertive development management 6 Ways to improve your MANAGEMENT RESULTS Define staff focus give your team well-conceived objectives Support risk taking let your employees know you have high standards Support risk taking if your staff try something new and fail, help them learn and try again Provide meaningful feedback effective communication with regular feedback, both positive and negative, is a core management skill Be flexible be open to new ways of thinking, look out for new opportunities and listen to new ideas Don't avoid conflict deal with it directly and fairly 4 Managerial job roles you DIDN'T KNOW YOU'D HAVE An effective line manager must have a diverse skill set. Alongside technical proficiency you will be required to wear the following 'hats': PSYCHOLOGIST COACH Good managers understand what engages There'll be times when you must exhort, inspire and encourage your staff to do better. and demoralises their staff. They know how to deliver a report in a way that makes them want to do their best. ACCOUNTANT DIPLOMAT You'll have to understand Know your numbers. A degree of financial acumen is crucial. how to respectfully relate to many different groups, above and below you. 5 Common mistakes to avoid AS A LINE MANAGER 中 Being too 'hands off get a balance between micromanaging and knowing top-level info Not walking the walk if you expect to change staff behaviour, make sure you are the role model you should be i Being too friendly overly personal relationships can be taken advantage of Misunderstanding motivation money is likely not the only motivation for your team Rushing recruitment the wrong hire means wasted time and resources 8 Ways to make a business impact AS A LINE MANAGER Increase Increase focus on ongoing improvement team performance Improve internal Increase efficiency customer satisfaction Reduce costs Improve external customer Improve Increase satisfaction revenue entrepreneurship 14 Characteristics of an OUTSTANDING LINE MANAGER PHILOSOPHICAL & FANTASTIC CREATIVE knows that the best ideas of tomorrow STRATEGIC LEADER COMMUNICATOR provides guidance and is not averse can expertly may sound crazy and realises that communicate to carrying out action personally ideas, objectives and feedback failure incites higher levels of creativity than success СOMMITTED willing to do whatever it takes to make the ЕMPATHETIC understands people and what they can do business a success HIGHLY PRINCIPLED COLLABORATIVE flexible in business works together with others to achieve yet uncompromising in principles best results ADAPTABLE GREAT VISUALIZER keeps options open but knows when to can see the long and short term visions and holistically understands the big picture make firm decisions ACCOUNTABLE is not afraid to make decisions and accept the consequences POSITIVE knows how to find the bright side in any situation LEVEL-HEADED EAGER TO LEARN HONEST doesn't get overwhelmed by pressure or let good times lull them into gives credit where it is due and knows how to always wanting to learn more for the benefit of themselves deliver home and others truths tactfully complacency 4 Steps to being AN ACTIVE LISTENER Prove understanding with nonverbal Listen to Use Paraphrase what you open-ended probes the full signals and body language message have heard 4 Tips to motivate employees THROUGH REALISTIC DEADLINES 5 BE SPECIFIC name a day and time CLARIFY PRIORITIES O let staff know if this 2 assignment takes precedence over 15 8 WED 10AM other projects DON'T SET FALSE DEADLINES your staff will soon learn if there's always room in the schedule 13 20 19 UPDATES 11 ESTABLISH AN 17 UPDATE SCHEDULE minimise the chance of 16 deadlines going astray with progress reports 5 Ways to keep employees WORKING TOGETHER AND ON TASK Clarify, clarify, clarify. Encourage employees to share bad news and focus on Encourage informal communication. solutions. Don't micromanage entrepreneurial -minded staff. Solve problems quickly, but not too quickly. Do monitor. 4 Phrases to be aware of to PREVENT EMPLOYEE TURNOVER This job isn't what I thought it would be If you hear this, it's time to ask: 'How do you want your job to be?" I can't grow/progress here J Provide new responsibilities, training opportunities and exposure to influential mentors. i don't get enough feedback Plan sessions to discuss projects and performance. SThere's too much politics going on here 5 Level with employee and address any rumours. 8 Ways to keep hold of YOUR BEST STAFF Create an Give praise environment Be a great when due of trust 8. communicator 4. share information from senior teams Conduct Realise great staff thrive and escalate your team's feedback upwards regular 'stay interviews to under great leaders 7 compliment high Keep them engaged Create a positive working 6. Get rid of poor performers 7 Steps to COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY as a line manager Be ready to have conversations rather than just 'telling' an employee what to do Let employees share strong emotions in a safe, controlled environment O Clarify what you're hearing Don't interrupt Don't mix positive and negative feedback Ask questions Let staff know you are always there to discuss ideas, questions and concerns 22 Ways to competently MANAGE CONFLICT AS A LINE MANAGER Deal with Intervene conflict quickly head on Protect Follow up on conflicts after employees by Remove removing them from conflict disruptive team members resolution 因 Communicate policies and procedures to each employee Use official processes Use official procedures to set an example of how seriously complaints are taken Escalate Use all procedures to investigate incidents issues to senior management if appropriate Speak to each party individually Act as a mediator Support both sides in a Gather ideas of how to address conflict from rest of the team Beware of tension complaints procedure at low level to reduce future conflicts Pick up on squabbles Acknowledge when a team member is causing ASAP stress Maintain Be clear about Show no interest professionalism expectation of team conduct in office gossip Treat all Keep employee issues private employees with equal importance People Insight From insight, to action, to change

20 Expert Hacks to Become the Ultimate Manager

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No matter what your line of work, it’s highly likely you will be in charge of managing people at some point. From small teams, to entire regions of offices, the core principles of management remain ...


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