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17 Ideas on Building Effective Brand Online

jab. bizo Making Everything Easier! Building a B2B Brand Online Business Audience Marketing FOR TEN WAYS TO BUILD A B2B BRAND ONLINE DUMMIES Learn to: Reach a B28 audience with online advertising Use social media for B28 brand building Identify the Business Audiences that Matter to Your Sales Cycle Use audience targeting to Influence your best buyers bizo iab. Placing online display ads involves choosing predefined business audience segments provided by audience-targeting platforms, so you can get to the people that matter most to your business without a lot of John Arnold groping around with inefficient mass marketing. Analyze your existing customer database and talk to your sales team to determine which audience segments represent your "ideal" prospect and use your findings to inform your display advertising strategies. Establish Branding Goals and Metrics Before Launching Any Campaign Create and Test Content and Ad Creative that Matter to Your Target Audience Online branding is not a set-it-and-forget-it form of marketing. In fact, there's no such thing. Use your goals to inform your campaign strategies and tactics. That way, you'll not only have a better chance of achieving your goals, you'll also know why you ended up short and what to do about it so it doesn't happen that way again. Were you going to create content and ad creative that doesn't matter to your target audience? Of course, you weren't. However, it can happen even when you don't try if you aren't willing to test your ad creative and content using smart analytics. Use Web Analytics 4 to Monitor the Audiences on Your Website ----- -- -- The process is simple. Create two ads with one variable, run them both, then kill the underperforming ad and try to beat the other one with a new variation. Don't waste your time or money marketing to people who end up on your website shopping for a career or people from an industry that has a track record of taking all of your sales people's time and energy. 5 Use Corporate Blogging to Support Thought Leadership Web analytics help you determine which marketing programs convert customers at the highest rates, so you can invest more in the channels and tactics that matter to Branding is all about establishing credibility and trust and then cashing in on your promise to use that trust to help your customers get what they want. your business and your customers. Use a blog in conjunction with your brand building to reinforce the fact that your company is a thought-leader and not just another marketer with deep pockets. Use Display Advertising to Create Lift 6 across All Marketing Channels When you place display ads, it betters the results from your search marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media. Why? Because it builds your brand, and a familiar brand increases branded search, e-mail subscriptions, and confidence when sharing on social sites. 7 Measure the Value of Display beyond Clicks and CTRS Paying for clicks is the old way to effectively measure the return on investment of online Target Display O Advertising to the Entire B2B Buying Committee display, that is, if it ever was a way. Smart marketers (that's you) measure everything possible to attribute success across multiple marketing initiatives, including brand metrics, action metrics, and overall lift. Cast a wide net, and then build in targeting for efficiency and higher returns. It doesn't work the other way around, because you need to track the results you get from a wider audience before you can determine which subset is most profitable. Use Social Marketing to Build Brand Awareness Over 1,000,000,000 people use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter alone. Enough said. Incorporate Retargeting across 10 Website, Display, E-mail, and Social Channels Targeted advertising works better than advertising that ignores the interests of the audience. Retargeting starts with your targeted advertising and then adapts your messaging, frequency, and placement to the precise interests of your target audience at the exact time their interests are at their peak. Your return on investment will be handsomely rewarded, and your customers will love you for staying relevant while you compete for their business. The IAB announces "Building a B2B Brand Online for Dummies," a guide developed by Bizo and supported by the IAB B2B Committee. Download your free guide at to learn more about how online advertising builds your B2B brand, why audience targeting gives your brand the boost it needs to reach your revenue goals, how online brand building lifts all your marketing results, and more! The book is part of the "For Dummies" reference series published by John Wiley & Sons and is now available in both print and eBook format. Written by John Arnold, the "10 Ways to Build a B2B Brand Online" content in this infographic is from Chapter 6 of the guide.

17 Ideas on Building Effective Brand Online

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The Web has become the new construction zone for brands. And not just big brands like Google, Apple and Coke. Small businesses have taken to the Internet to establish a brand presence, too. Check out ...




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