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13 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Awesome Customer Service

13 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer service is crucial to any business, and if you get it wrong, you'll quickly find yourself losing customers. Thankfully, here are 13 tips which will help leave you, your staff, and most importantly, your customers, feeling happier! I You're not selling products/services, you're selling customer satisfaction Ok sure, you are selling products or services, but ultimately it all boils down to whether your customers are walking away satisfied, regardless of how much they spend. > If they are satisfied, they're more likely to come back (and spend more), but if they aren't, not only will they not come back, but they'll tell friends and colleagues about their negative experience. A liberal refund policy can work wonders > Sure, some people are going to abuse it, but the majority of people will really appreciate a business going out of their way to allow them to return products, and it's something which they'll tell others about, spreading the good word about your business. 3 Customer enquiries and complaints need to be monitored > Making sure that all enquiries and complaints are logged and referred to a manager can be a good way to help analyse your customers' needs, and help you to better address them in future. 4 It's the customers who pay the bills > You might already know this, but do your employees? If they're lacking motivation, it can be a good idea to remind them just how important your customers are, not just to the business, but also to their paycheques! £ You need to really listen > We all know that customer feedback is important to providing a good service, but how closely are you actually listening to your customers? If lots of customers are frequently asking the same questions, it might point to an underlying problem! 6 People don't remember customer service that was just 'ok' > Providing customer service which just gets the job done is fine, but it's when you go above and beyond the call of duty that people really start to take notice. A single story of an employee going out of their way to create a great experience for a customer can have a huge impact on the business, and really set you apart. 7 There will be curveballs > No matter how well your employees know your product or service, there will always be surprises that crop up. While some employees will naturally be able to think on their feet, consider drawing up some kind of contingency plan for surprises, giving employees someone they know they can contact when they have issues. 8. Your choice of words matters > While it might sound a bit silly, making sure to speak using 'positive language' has a big impact on your customers. For example, instead of just telling your customer a product is out of stock until next week, tell them that they'll be in next week and that you'll place an order for them now. 6. You need to know your product O 00 > Another one which might seem obvious, but it's crucial that everybody has a good working knowledge of your product or service. Sure, they don't need to know it inside out, but they need to be able to answer any question which customers could feasibly ask. IO Some customers just can't be pleased > This is something which, unfortunately, you just have to accept. This doesn't mean that you should abandon these customers, but sometimes you and your staff just have to put on a smile and do the best that you can, even if you know you're fighting a losing battle. oo II Patience is a virtue > Customer service staff shouldn't simply be trying to rattle through as many customer queries as possible, and taking the time to make sure things are done properly is important. Great service is always better than fast service in this case, and spending time to really get to know your customers' problems will benefit you both. 12 Clear communication is key > Be sure not to overcomplicate matters when dealing with customers, and keep things simple when communicating with them. Be clear and to the point, and don't assume that they have as deep of a knowledge of the product or service as you. 13 A cool head is crucial > It can be easier said than done, but the ability to keep calm in customer service is crucial. Chances are that the customer is already frustrated or angry about something, so it's down to you and your staff to be the calm head that guides them to a solution. Sources noticeboards online ED m

13 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Awesome Customer Service

shared by Eavesy on Jul 10
Here is an interesting infographic by the team at Noticeboards Online which features various things that businesses should know about good customer service.


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