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13 Personality Types in Every Office

PERSONALITY 15 TYPES In Every Office Which office characters are in YOUR office? Better yet, are YOU one of them? THE PASSIVE AGGRESSOR {1} Though not openly complaining that someone else isn't working as much, this person can't resist mentioning how late he or she stayed last night or commenting on their "insane" amount of workload. They also leave anonymous post-it notes asking for compliance in their ridiculous requests like, "When the coffee pot is empty please re-fill it, and be more considerate of others. Thank you." THE BACKSTABBER {2} This person pretends to be your friend just long enough to make it really hurt when they steal your ideas or badmouth you to management. They creepily watch your every move and next thing you know, they steal your idea, get a raise and a corner office with a view. THE KITCHEN SLOB {3} This person heats up fish in the microwave, spreading the disgusting stench throughout the whole office for an entire week. They stick burritos in the microwave that explode, they spill coffee all over the counter, leave moldy food in the fridge and dirty dishes in the sink. THE CHATTERBOX The entire office {4} avoids this person like the plague. As soon as they open their mouth, you know you're going to be tortured in a 30-minute boring story. Whether anyone is listening or not, the Chatterbox just can't keep their thoughts to themselves...EVER! THE DELEGATOR This person constantly delegates work to other people and never actually does {5} any work on their own. Their walk around the office is like a drive-by shooting as they fling a folder onto your desk and promptly demand to "report back by 3pm". For some reason, your boss thinks they have excellent time management skills. THE WORKAHOLIC {6} aggressive. They tend to be independent, ambitious, volatile and rigid. They're always the first one in the office and the last one to leave. The Workaholic eats, sleeps and breathes work and looks down on coworkers who actually have a life. THE NOISEMAKER {7} This person is oblivious to how they are infuriating everyone else around them. They make noise with their whistling, singing, humming, knuckle cracking, gum-snapping, cell phones not set to vibrate, speakerphone conversations, chair squeaking, music without headphones, and more! THE MEETING SCHEDULER {8} This guy would like nothing more than to have a meeting all day, every We need a meeting! day, 365 days a year. It's truly his favorite activity, so much so that you can envision him calling a dinner meeting at home, or scheduling in a "bedtime story" meeting with his kids before bed. MEETING EVERY DAY! хххX хXX ххXX хх ххXX ххX x X x x x x x THE GOSSIPER I {9} This person lives for the latest office scandal, whether it's actually true or not. They spend their day discussing a coworker's troubled marriage, weird eating habits, who's on the verge of getting fired, salary differentials, and who is going around with whom. THE OVERLY AMBITIOUS SUMMER INTERN {10} They seemed great at first, but now they're popping over your shoulder like a whack-a-mole from hell. They are more of a headache than help and you're counting down the days until they have to go back to school. THE DEBBIE DOWNER {11} They do nothing but complain about coworkers, their workload, the management, and corporate policies. Yet they've worked there for years and probably will never, ever leave. THE EMAIL OVERLOADER {12} This person floods your inbox with unimportant emails. Whether it's a document relevant only to a few people in the department, or yet another "hilariously cute photo" of their cat, the Email Overloader doesn't consider how necessary the message is before CC-ing everyone in the company. THE TMI SHARER {13} This person does not have a sensor what-so-ever. They share embarrassing health issues, intimate details from their dates, dramatic relationship problems-you name it. HR has warned them on numerous occasions, yet they continue to act unprofessional. RECOGNIZE THESE PERSONALITIES? Share with friends & COworkers to identify them all! SHARE Brought to you by ONATIONAL PEN Your image is our business!

13 Personality Types in Every Office

shared by StaceySD on Sep 30
In today’s modern office space, there are a multitude of different personalities that interact on a daily basis. People from all walks of life are placed under one roof and are told to effectively b...




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