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12 ways to make a million dolars

12 Ways to Make A MILLION Dollars Lets face it, everyone has thought about what it would be like to be endowed with seven figures in their account. As long as you are persistent the nothing is really in the way of making that a reality Lets Get Started! Below are some sure fire ways to make a million dollars for yourself within the next few years. Start a Business Sell your Business 2$ INQUIRY FOR SALE 70% of the wealthiest people on the planet made their Half of that seventy percent sold their business, cashed in, and started a new one. by starting money business. a These are also surefire ways to make sure your piggy bank starts to burst at the seams. Веcome the Best Multiple streams of income Once you can boast of being the best in your field then The average million has about seven streams of income. I use the term average very lightly. also demand you outrageous prices for your services can I am a personal advocate of these two as I am in the process of doing both. Slow and steady wins the race! Write a Best Seller Save The bank is your friend, or so they would have you believe. When you shop around for instruments that yield more normal savings account Writing a New York Times best seller is almost as coll as being a rock-star. It may take some hard work and a lot of editing but it will definitely be worth it save, than a These two can be full of trial and error but when done right can set you up for life and still leave a nice chunk of change for generations to come. Prospect Land Invent Something Do you gentry in the days of old used to that right, it was land. This is a surefire way to keep money in the family for generations. know what the We live in an age where you can create a need out of nothing. Take twitter, Facebook, and even Ipads for example. in this case if you build it they will measure wealth? come. You know why most people do not do these two? its because they are looking for get rich quick schemes but the truth is that with a little patience you can be rewarded more than you ever imagined. Collect Valuable Art Make Money Online Do you know how much the Mona Lisa is valued. About one billion dollars the last time i checked. It pays to get in early and hold for a long time. thousands of There thousands millionaires these days. The most important thing you need to do is educate yourself just like with any other business. upon internet are These Two are more by chance than by anything that you really have control over but they still work well if fate smiles on you. Marry a Millionaire Inherit I would not follow this route ally but some people do not mind being stuck with another human being for the rest of their lives because they have a lot of I did not luck up in this regard but maybe you can leave a million bucks for your kids. Anything is possible right? moneV Source: powered by Piktochart make information beautiful %24

12 ways to make a million dolars

shared by Danielndukwu on Jul 24
This is an infographic depicting the numerous ways an individual can rise above the monotony and make millions.


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