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12 Ways To Become Extraordinary Entrepreneur

12 WAYS TO BECOME EXTRAORDINARY ENTREPRENEUR Presented by: TECHINFOGRAPHICS.COM 1.INVEST INORDINATE AMOUNTS OF TIME AND ENERGY INTO SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Self help is dated back to 1859 with the first self Entrepreneurs are an educated group, over 95% hold bachelor's degrees, while Prot improvement book was released titled, “Self Help." Businesd O 47% hold more advanced degrees. 2. ENDURE RIDICULE FROM THE MEDIOCRE. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PUT THAT MUCH TIME INTO YOUR PRESENTATION." "WHY DON'T YOU JUST RELAX?" When Richard Branson founded Virgin Atlantic in 1984, each of his competitors said he'd surely fail. Instead of backing down, Branson found creative ways to overcome each obstacle. Today, those critics are out of business and Branson is lauded as a visionary. "Do you know what lies at the bottom of the mainstream? Mediocrity." Death in Venice, Thomas Mann 3. DESPISE MEDIOCRITY. 4. ENJOY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, INSTRUCTION, AND PRACTICE. Learning from criticism allows you to improve. Almost every critique gives you a tool to more effectively create the tomorrow you visualize. 5. DEAL QUICKLY AND AGGRESSIVELY WITH FAILURE. EXTRAORDINARY LEADERS INVESTIGATE THEIR FAILURES WITHA FINE TOOTH COMB. James Dyson went through 5,126 failed prototypes. Now the Dyson brand is one of the best-selling vacuum Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at invention the light bulb. He knew failure wouldn't stop him. cleaner around the world. 6. LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITY, NOT EXCUSES. 6 Things entrepreneur should never say: CO2 X The competition is too established > I don't have the money X I am too old (or too young) X I don't have enough experience X I don't have enough time X I'm just not there yet 7. PRESSURE YOURSELF. Average leaders say, "Good enough." Extraordinary leaders say, "How can we be better." Work smarter, not harder. 8. REJECT THE IDEA YOU CAN EXCEL AT MANY THINGS. BEING A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND MASTER OF NONE IS UNACCEPTABLE TO EXTRAORDINARY LEADERS. You don't have to be great at everything to create great work. 9. BECOME FANATICAL ABOUT Details determine success or failure. DETAILS. 10. BE PART OF A NETWORK. HELP Extraordinary entrepreneurs realize that the best way to build a great network is to give help to others first with no expectation of reward. search 11. BE PREPARED. Success PLAN C, D, È Extraordinary people are always prepared. They not only have a plan B but also a Plan C, D, E and F. 12. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. By listening and then putting your existing resources to work in new, powerful and profitable ways, you just might find your business on the upswing. We all know of people who have potential or talk a big game but accomplishes nothing. Those who spend all their time thinking about doing something will never succeed. Successful people ACTION 13. BE ACTION-ORIENTED. ..--I...I-.... are doers and not talkers. Sources: Designed by: "INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN & DATA TECHINFOGRAPHICS.COM VISUALIZATION, EXPLAINED."

12 Ways To Become Extraordinary Entrepreneur

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Our infographic presents 13 commonly acknowledged tips and values, that would help anyone to become more successful in entrepreneurship.


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