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12 Millennial Truths People Are Sick of Hearing

Edelman MOST OVERPLAYED MILLENNIALISMS PERSONALIZING FOR THEIR UNIQUE NEEDS CAUSE-SUMPTION CONSUMPTION Millennials crave personalization and don't buy things to define themselves; instead they want to define the things they buy through customization and collaboration. Millennials are naturally altruistic and "green" consumers as they are driven by altruistic behaviors and willing to pay more for products and services that make a positive impact on society and the environment. BE REAL, BE RELATABLE Authenticity and Transparency drive their relationships with brands, as this generation has grown up being over marketedto and mistrust most companies. MILLENNIALS DON'T SEE COLOR OR GENDER Millennials are the moct diverse generation and behave with a post-anything mind -racial, post-gender and post-religian. NAT VES TO A DIGITAL LAND Millennials are the most sawy, techndogy driven generation, growing upin a digitally connected world, driving the ubiquity of SoMe adoption and creators of the third or fourth screen. EXPERIENCE SEEKERS Millennials look at success differently and place a high value on experience over things as they're drawn to brands that promote a lifestyle vs. sell an image. DESIRE A TWO-WAY DIALOGUE This generation expects meaningful relationships with brands and views the consumer-brand relationship as a two-way street - as they don't want to be marketed to but be part of the conversation. CITY SLICKERS Millennials are the "bright lights, big city" generation as they are the drivers of the urbanization trends. 10 GEN ERATION ALL ABOUT ME Millennials are seen as being bath entitled and lazy as they enter the work force, needing constant feedback from their peers and desire to work for companies that can help them find meaning in their jobs. THE "MY 50 CALLED STRESSED LIFE" GEN ERATION 11 Millennials are the most overloaded, overwhelmed and overstressed generation as they can't find work, are consumed with TMI and are abways living in a FOMO mindset. DON'T BUY BUT BORROW THINK SMALL 12 Millennials shun big brands as they look for unique Millennials created the "sharing" economy where borrowing/leasing/renting is preferred over owning things, as their less likely to own their cars, homes or sometimes clahes. experiences and desire exclusivity. Be it food, beer, home goods, music, or fashion, they seek independent labels and underground goods.

12 Millennial Truths People Are Sick of Hearing

shared by EdelmanPR on Oct 01
We know that Millennials are the most studied, most talked about generation in our industry. We also know with a group that has been over analyzed, it’s easy to make generalities and recycle the sam...


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