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11 Outside the Box Uses for Facebook Ads That Will Blow Your Mind

11 Outside the Box Uses for Facebook Ads THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND Most people just focus on using facebook ads to sell products or services, but there's so much more you can do with them that still benefit your bottom line. The following 11 tactics can be used to boost your reputation, build relationships, sell more goods or services, AND even scout hyper-qualified talent. Promote a blog post to a highly targeted audience of ideal clients kind of blogging you should use Facebook ads to promote your blog posts you do to people that would be interested in your content. This is also a great way to help your content get spread naturally. If any Promote a video on YouTube to get more views and help it go viral You Tube If you've ever made a video to help promote your business chances are it's been on youtube for months and only has a handful of views. You can use facebook's “promoted post" feature to drive targeted traffic straight into your YouTube video. Set up remarketing ads that will follow people that landed on your site, but didn't buy If you have people coming to your website but not buying or becoming a lead, you should consider using remarketing/retargeting ads to remind people of what they looked at. These ads will start show up when they return to Facebook. It's also the easiest and most cost effective way to get started with Facebook ads. Amplify the Press Release you just put out to additional news personnel PRESS RELEASES: If you put out press releases consider targeting your local news teams or national news correspondents with a link to your press release. They are looking for news stories just like yours, so help them find it. Promote a special event for your business ! If you're having a special event like a customer appreciation party, or an anniversary sale, or holiday special you can use Facebook to get the word out in your community to show up. You can't assume just because you're holding an event that people will find out about it. Keep your targeting local and you'll get a lot of exposure. Promote testimonials to your ideal clients One type of ad that I never see people using on facebook are the famous "testimonial ads" You have to be careful not to violate any regulations with these types of ads, but it can be an excellent way to remind people that they need your product or service without being too salesy. Imagine your ideal prospect seeing someone just like them touting the benefits of your product or service. How amazing is that? Promote your other Social Media channels You Tu be (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) If you're on other social channels like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. you can use Facebook to promote a post on those other social channels and drive traffic and followers straight into your other web properties. This will rapidly build your following without being too over the top. P in Amplify your email marketing campaigns Do you do email marketing? If you do you NEED to do this. Upload your email list and create a "Custom Audience" of your email subscribers. Then when you send out your email you can remind your subscribers that they should have received your email. OR you can remind them of the promotion right on facebook. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Run ads to hire local talent ADS If you're a local business you're probably always looking for good local talent. Well why not run an ad to these people when you need to hire someone new? You'll avoid all the spam from advertising on Craigslist and you can pinpoint the perfect applicant based on their interests. Amplify your Newspaper ads NEWS Do you run ads in the newspaper? If so you should run Facebook ads to fans of that particular paper and layer that with geographic targeting. You can even tell them which page your ad appeared on so they can go “hunt" for it. People like the thrill of the hunt. Use ads to build referral relationships with other businesses If you've been in business for a while you know the importance of referrals. But building these types of relationships can be difficult and time consuming. So why not break the ice by running ads to these other businesses letting them know you'd like to work together to improve both your businesses. I MARKETING © 2015

11 Outside the Box Uses for Facebook Ads That Will Blow Your Mind

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I’m about to reveal to you 11 tactics for your facebook ad campaigns that will help you drive more sales, stand head and shoulders above your competition, and improve every other facet of your marke...


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