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11 Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Start Using Today

1 1 1 1 11 GROWTH HACKING TACTICS YOU CAN START TODAY 1 Build and Leverage Your Network It's pretty mundane, but it works. Would you be more likely to promote or feature the product of someone you've had coffee with or a complete stranger who could be a serial killer? Exactly Build your network by any means necessary. Reach out to people more popular than you which have a built in audience and ask them to do an interview over Skype. Post it on your blog, YouTube, and anywhere else you can promote it. Don't stop there, anytime you feature someone (no matter how small), be sure to send them a short polite email letting them know and mention them in a few tweets. Lastly, ask other people in your industry to contribute to your blog or other joint venture. The really awesome ones will not only write a killer post, but help you promote it to their already larger audience. Repurposing content into Courses If you've been interviewing, creating stellar blog posts, and how to guides, then you've literally got enough content to create a course. Repurpose your content in video format and publish it on Udemy to build revenue, credibility, and another traffic stream. -- Integrate with Everything NEWS You've got a killer app? Then make sure it's good to go with any other app that's relevant. Dropbox is in Yahoo Mail. You can sign into almost anything with your Gmail or Facebook account. PayPal is integrated into almost every payment portal online. Have you started integrating yet. Don't Forget About Quora 4 Yes, give insightful answers on questions related to your industry to position yourself as a thought leader. But to really get users, answer the comparison questions. Is GetResponse or AWeber Better? Your answer should be along the lines of "they're both good, but my app, SendCoolEmails, is the best. Here's why" Remember the Power of Drip Campaigns Your educational email series doesn't need to start selling at the sixth email, it should be selling from email one. Put your offer in the header, put it in the footer, put it in the blog post they click through to, and introduce a few soft sells. All while delivering stellar value. Video Tutorials Still Work 6 Create short, to the point screen capture videos that teach exactly one thing. Maybe they teach you how to do some web research. Maybe they teach someone how to use your tool. The possiblilites are endless and they're always going to get more engagement. WATCH ONLINE 7 Give Them a Reason Instead of relying on being completely awesome and knowing people will engage with you and your product, give them a real reason to. Leave the best comment and win my xyz. Refer a friend and get 10% off for life. Case Studies Highlighting the success of people who've gone before them is one of the best ways to build engagement, credibility and sign ups. Not just on your salespage. Guest post about them, email them out, and share them on social media. The world is yours. keyword Interactive Webinars If possible, one on one coaching sessions, if not, webinars will get the job done. Do a series of webinars across different The ones with the most engagement and attendees are the winners. Keep doing them. topics. 10 Gamification Who doesn't like a game? It can be something as simple as creating an interactive tool on your website or making the entire onboarding process a game with badges and points that can be redeemed. + .. 11 Follow them around the internet Retargeting is still the best thing since sliced bread. Set up a drip retargeting campaign using your favorite platform and watch your engagement shoot up. Don't focus solely on your sales page. Take them through the entire buyer lifecycle to get a great ROI. 1)

11 Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Start Using Today

shared by Danielndukwu on Feb 27
An infographic that shows business owners and digital marketers a few growth hacks that they can use to increase brand awareness, sales, and conversions with just a few minutes a day


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