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10 Ways You're Making Your Employees Less Productive

10 WAYS YOU'RE MAKING YOUR EMPLOYEES LESS PRODUCTIVE 1 BEING A BOTTLENECK 2 NOT TRULY DELEGATING RESPONSIBILITIES Solution: Give your employees more authority to act without your approval Solution: Stop using your employees as your "helpers" and give them real ownership and responsibility 3 NOT CONVEYING CLEAR EXPECTATIONS NOT GIVING USEFUL FEEDBACK Solution: Provide clear and direct feedback Solution: Make sure your answers match when asked, “What's most important for them to achieve this year?" about what they're doing well and what they could be doing better. (Remember, feedback isn't just for criticisms – "praise what you want to see more of.") 5 NO CONCENTRATION TIME NEGLECTING EMPLOYEES 6 NEEDS FOR BETTER JOB PERFORMANCE Solution: Encourage, don't discourage, employees to block off quiet work periods on their calendars, and don't interrupt their workflow. Solution: Most employees won't speak up on their own if they need a faster computer, new software, or other tools. Be proactive in asking what your team's needs are. NOT LETTING PEOPLE 7 TELECOMMUTE WHEN THE WORK ALLOWS IT INSISTING ON A DOCTOR'S NOTE TO TAKE SICK DAYS Solution: Let them. Studies show your employees are less likely to call in sick or taking a full day off to wait for a repair person when able to work from home. It also earns employees' loyalty. Solution: Rethink the policy. Having to go to the Dr. for a note when an employee has a cold is insulting, isn't productive and often results in employees coming to work sick, being unproductive and spreading the illness, resulting in even more productivity loss. 9 SCRIMPING ON TRAINING Solution: Employees expected to produce results without much (or any) training can lead to serious inefficiencies. Online, 10 CREATING A CLIMATE OF FEAR AND ANXIETY computer-based or video-based training are cheaper alternatives than seminars or training center. If all else fails, buy employees a book. Solution: Ruling through rigid control and a climate of anxiety and fear only ensures employees won't bring up new ideas or be honest about problems, which will limit what your entire team is able to accomplish. Care for your employees quality of life, treat them with dignity and kindness, even in the hardest intuit. QuickBase moments. Source:

10 Ways You're Making Your Employees Less Productive

shared by AlexForbes on Jun 09
If you’re like most managers, you think a lot about whether your employees are being as productive as you need. But have you ever looked at the other side of that equation and wondered if you’re s...


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