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10 ways automated email can wow your customers

10 Ways automated email can WOW your customers. Emails still have the power to WOW customers, you just need to know what kind of emails to send! Automated emails are on the RISE, but don't be fooled, just because you have automated emails included in your strategy, it doesn't mean your customers are going to be instantly impressed. You need to give your automated emails the WOW-Factor! Here are 10 ways how... 1. Welcome! Your Welcome Email acts like your virtual first impression – so it's gotta be great! A prompt, eye-catching, and personalised welcome email will show your customers that you care! Hi ExtraWOW – Add a "Welcome Offer" to your email, e.g. £20 off! 2. Order confirmation! When buying online, especially from a site you haven't used before, there's always a smidgen of doubt in the back of your mind about whether it's "legit" or not. An automated order confirmation with an order number, It's on the way! contact details, and estimated dispatch/delivery details eliminates this doubt. ExtraWOW – Link to a tracking site within the email so that customers can track their order! 3. Reward engaged customers! Contacts that are highly engaged are more likely to share your content with others, so why not reward them for that?! WOW them with great emails and even greater offers! ingtiller ExtraWOW – Give them offers for themselves and also for one close friend or family member, further encouraging these engaged customers to spread the word! 4. Abandonded cart! Your Customers can abandon carts for items many reasons, for example, maybe the delivery charge was too high, the customer was distracted by something else, or they simply changed their mind. To WOW customers that abandon their cart, you could send them an automated email to let them know that their cart are still here! 23 will be exactly as they left it, should they choose to continue with the transaction. ExtraWOW – Add a "Free Delivery" offer to abandonded cart emails. 5. After-sales care! Contact with customers shouldn't end once a transaction is complete. A series of different automated emails How's the book? can take your after-sales care to a whole new level! Begin with a Thank You email, then ask for feedback, if ingtiller your product is replenishable, then you can even send a reminder email when your customer's product is due to run out. ExtraWOW – Boost your after-sales care by upselling your customers with useful add-on products. 6. Come back soon! The Come Back Soon email is a great way to WOW customers that were once engaged but are now dormant. It shows that you value their custom, and the more personalised the better! ingtiller ExtraWOW – Like other emails in this infographic, this could be enhanced by a "Come Back Soon" offer. 7. Thank you! "Thank You" goes a long way, especially with customers. Thank you emails were practically made for automation – or maybe automation was made for them! Either way, a thank you email could be the extra something you need to WOW Thank You your customers! ingtiller ngtiller ExtraWOW – Make your thank you emails more engaging with funny animated gifs and/or memes that will brighten your customer's day! 8. Be there, even when you're not! We all know what an automated 'Out of Office' email looks like – boring! Automated emails allow you to be there, even when you're not, so there's no need to tell people you aren't there. Instead, giving customers an accurate estimate of when you will get back to them will make you look awesome! ingtiller ingtiller ExtraWOW - Add FAQS to help customers solve their problems in the meantime. 9. Be on topic! If you sell a lot of different products, then top WOW your customers. Topical emails allow customers to only see emails about things that interest them. workflows would really I know what you want :) ingtiller ExtraWOW – You guessed it: Add an offer! 10. Nurture! If you have warm leads that are interacting with your content and clicking your emails, then use automation to gently nurture them into becoming customers. ingtiller ingtiller ExtraWOW – Make sure your emails not only nurture, but also add value for your recipients. ingtiller Follow us on Twitter @instilleresp

10 ways automated email can wow your customers

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Email inboxes are noisy places. So if you're struggling to get noticed... Don't worry! Emails can still be a great way to contact customers (and potential customers), you just need to know which ...







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