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10 unique tips for designing a start-up

10 MUST FOLLOW TIPS WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE Limit the number of fonts to 2 only. YOUR STARTUP PAGE WILL LOOK MESSY by using too many font types. Font amily GO. ja Fon Fmily Aal Fontmily Ореans Font amily Ir a ct CONCEFTUAL TEACHINGADM 66 SOFTW "Avoiding the crap" 99 OWER INSTR STRATEC LII is what you should follow, EPORTING MEWORK Get rid of unnecessary stuff and keep what is required. JEGY REPORTING I SEDVICES INSTRUCTING QUAL. QUALIFIC RRMEWORK APROGRAM RTING SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE CREAPAER INSTRUCTING SOFTWARE INSTRUCTING DEVELOP EFRAMEWORK STKATEGYLEEPEDERTNING SUCCESS STRAT TRAIN FRAMEWORK IVATE CAREER WLEDGE CREAR PRACTICE MISSION N PRESENTAT PROJECTN SKILLS MANAGER INERSHIP IN LEADERSHIP EXPERTISE COMPETENCIES ILUS DOWD DEFINIT SUCCESS COACHANALYSIS BUSINESS A ploture can speak a thousand words, so save your words and use a stunning image instead. MAIN PICTURE Be conservative with the color. why use t0o many colors when a single color can do the job for you. Think of Coca ola as a perfect example. 00000 95% of web design is Typography. Pay specific attention to Contrast, Line -height & Hierarchy of the written text. Contrast Line-Height •Hierachy Responsive design is the Industry standard today. Think mobile first or don't think at all. ? t is almays advisable to create 2 to 3 versions of your landing page . and test mith actual users. "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." (Maya Angelou.) Make your design emotional so that people feel happy and delighted. Test your copy for call to action (CTA); whether it is to sign up for newsletters or to test the product, it has to be obvious. Avoid using slang like "Dive In" instead of "Sign In". "Di In" "Sign .n", Knowing your end user counts. DESIGN FOR YOUR tND USEK AND GIVE HIM VALUE FOR HIS MONEY. 000000 Lobortis Alguam ABOUT ME | Lorum pum dolor ait amt, camtatur atpiscing Residence Emali Web Design Xperts THE 25% 45% % OL 95% TYPOGRAPHY

10 unique tips for designing a start-up

shared by KristyBernales on Apr 28
These tips for creating a start-up page for your website will encourage in building a stronger brand, bring in more visitors and help you to achieve higher conversion rates.


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