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The 10 Types of People You Meet at Conferences by Bizzabo

THE types of people you meet at conferences By Bizzabo The Job Seeker #1 They're "in between opportunities", "self-employed" and maybe "living out of a cardboard box" but oh, are they on a mission. @ineedajob:I just added 234 skills to my @LinkedIn profile. Please endorse me now. #hireme The Entrepreneur You'll find them walking with their cool startup t-shirt. They have 1,001 things to do, people to pitch, demos to show. #2 What's that you say? You want to invest? @makeitbig$$: [email protected] is launching soon! Reach out if you want to see a demo....Anyone? The Sales Person They're slick, they're smooth, and ready to pitch you in every way possible. How about a shiny new tie clip in exchange for a Facebook Like? #3 @iwillpitchU: Last chance- if you're at #TDF13-the BEST deal you will ever get on mobile marketing sales automation cloud server platform!! The Suit/Corporate # 4 There's a good chance they were born wearing a 3 piece suit and might die a little inside when you pull a Zuckerberg and show up in sandals. s2 @BizCorplnc: BizCorplnc attends TDF13 with quarterly investor calls occurring later today. Press Release here: The Model Who's Paid To Be There They're not really sure how the product they're demoing works-or how to say the company name-but honestly, you are too busy staring at them to listen. #5 @techiemodel: 'll be at #TDF13 with @techcompany! 'll be giving away t-shirts and smiles;) The Social Media Addict #6 They haven't looked up from their phone since they've gotten here in fact, they just added you on Twitter, Linkedln and Facebook and Instagrammed your face with a nice Valencia filter. @s0cialm3dia: Here @ #TDF13 w/ @instanerd and @iamhashtag listening to @digital4ever talk about #how #to #tweet (w/27 others) The KeyNote Speaker #7 They were the class nerds but events are where they rule. They are the guru of this and the ninja of that, and gosh darn do they know it. @thenotespeaker: Come listen to me speak about how to be a rockstar and thought leader in biz jargon. Can't miss! #youwanttobeme #TDF13 The Stressed Out Guy They are perpetually running late to the next session/speaker/ networking hour. Was their eye just twitching? #8 @NeedsVacay: I haven't slept in 48 hours, but that's okay! There's free coffee here! #TDF13 The Event Organizer They are the puppet v arei master behind this whole affair and no doubt beneath their cool, calm exterior, they are having a minor aneurysm from their Type A personality. They are probably too busy to talk with you but they really want #9 you to be satisfied! @multitasker13: Pick up your nametag! Check-in! Don't miss the next session! The keynote is NOW! #TDF13 The Sponsor You are already wearing their logo at the moment, whether you realize it or not. Hell, they'd probably sponsor the shirt on your back if they could. Boom. Just did. #10 s7 @WeSponsoredThis: #TDF13 is brought to you by SponsorCo. Come by our booth to get discounts, flyers, and #swag #swag #swag! Brought to you with love from: OEENO Z bizzabo. And Mobilize ® Socialize your Conference at %23 %23

The 10 Types of People You Meet at Conferences by Bizzabo

shared by Bizzabo on Aug 07
Here at Bizzabo, we are no strangers to the event and conference space and have noticed some very funny (and true!) trends in the types of people that frequent these conferences. Not unlike Jane Gooda...



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