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10 Tips for Writing Effective Email Copy-Infographic

10 Tips For Writing Effective Email Copy Most email marketers send out pretty lame messages so if you master just a few basic techniques! your campaigns will stand out from the rest. Define Your Desired Response. Define what you want your campaign to achieve. If you don't know exactly what you want to tell your subscriber to do, they won't know what to do either. It's best to have a single objective for an email. Define the Call to Action(CTA). Usually this will be a link that you want your sub- scriber to click. Click the link yourself so you can catch link errors and help you figure out details to include in your call to action, so subscribers will know exactly what to do when they get there. What's the Big Idea. The clearer you can make the benefit to your subscriber, the more likely they are to take action. The more unique the opportunity is the better. You want your reader to know what good thing they can expect if they take action, and what bad thing will happen if they don't. Write a Killer Subject line. The best subject lines tend to use curiosity to entice or offer a strong benefit, or both. Make sure you match them up to what your list is interested in (don't sell pork bbq recipes to a list of vegans). Another good way to write a subject line is to tap into a controuersy or current event. Be Personal. Write your email as if you were sending it to just one person. Sell the Sizzle. Your subject line's only job is to get the email opened, your opening paragraph must get your subscriber to keep read- ing, and the email's purpose is to get your subscriber to take an action. Once the reader has clicked the link, the page they go to will have a lot more space to sell. Reward the Reader. The best thing you can have with your list is a solid level of trust and active engagement. The truth is that the 'money is in the relationship with your list. So make sure your promotions are congruent and deliver on what you promise. (7T) Repeat your Call to Action. Especially in emails that are more than 3-5 paragraphs long, it is a good idea to repeat your call to action link two or three times. Include a P.S. The most read parts of an email are the headline and the P.S. Typically, the P.S. is used to capture readers who skimmed to the end and encourage them to read the main body copy or simply click the link. Tease your next Email. Ask a question and promise to tell the answer in the next email, or hint at a benefit they'll get if they read the next email. If you stand out with a good subject line that offers curiosity and a benefit and you reward your subscribers for their attention, you'll have higher email conversions. Download your Email Copy Checklist Here: PRESENTED BY Source: EMAIL DELIVERED MANAGE MONITOR MONETIZE

10 Tips for Writing Effective Email Copy-Infographic

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Having trouble thinking of what to write in an email copy? Ask yourself ‘why should my subscriber care about what i’m promoting? what are they missing out on if they don’t buy my product?’ Ans...


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