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10 Tips for Turning Photography into a Career

robbennett photographer TOP 10 TIPS FOR TURNING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY INTO A CAREER Advice compiled by 1) Find a route in How will you teach yourself photography. Are you going to go down the self-taught route? Thanks to the Internet and online courses, this is more of an option than it used to be. Alternatively, shop around for a good photography course suited to your needs. Pick a field (2 It might make your career progression easier if you pick a field. For example, do you want to be a portrait photographer, a commercial photographer, or do you want to work with wildlife or architecture? Come to understand your equipment It goes without saying that you need to become familiar with your equipment, whether that be traditional equipment or digital cameras. Look to see what the best camera is for your learning, and maybe ask other professionals for their recommendations. I O Have a personal portfolio4 If you want to work in photography professionally, it can only help to feed your passion. Having a professional portfolio also means that you have something to show potential employers. Carry samples of work with you 5. This might seem like a bit of a vanity exercise, but in the age of the smartphone and the tablet, there's no exCuse to not carry a sample of your work round with you. When you meet a potential client, you need to be able to produce samples quickly. conmon Learn to see 6. Again, this might seem a bit oblique, but the point here is to learn to see opportunities for photography. Get an eye for shapes, patterns, colours, rhythm and repetition. Posts that are aligned to the left are just easier to read. Also, using headings (with large font, bold, or underline) can help readers follow your post, and jump back around to key points. Be tenacious in your approach 7 The majority of photiography is freelance, so you've got to be persistent in your search for jobs. Learn to network, and if there's a company or an individual that you want to do business with or work for, then you need to research them and perhaps gently pester them if you want to get their attention. (Be gentle remember). 8> Make use of social media As we have already discussed, it 's important to always have samples of your work to hand, as you never know when it might come in handy. Make sure you are making use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms to network and showcase your work. Find inspiration (9 Find inspiration wherever you can, be that in magazines, books or at exhibitions. Find out what your peers in the industry are doing and what they are talking about. Maybe think of keeping a scrap book of images and photos that inspire you. Be your own 10 person It might sound cliched, but the most important thing you can do is be the photographer you want to be. Pick a speciality that gets you passionate and stick with it. After all, working as a photographer can be demanding and tiring. It's not worth doing if you don't embrace wholeheartedly. .....

10 Tips for Turning Photography into a Career

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What to do in order to get your photography up to a professional level, and how to stay the course in the industry. Advice compiled by a leading commercial photographer.




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