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10 Things You Need in Your Office Desk

10 Things You Should Keep on Your Office Desk AN 177 ORGANIZERS STICKY NOTES A clean, neat workspace induces productivity. Ensure to have a pen holder and paper tray on your desk to keep your pens and documents organized and easy to find. A sticky note is a must-have to keep yourself reminded of the tasks you need to complete each day. Start off your morning jotting down your to-do list and stick it on the lower frame of your monitor. Plus, sticky notes come in handy when a good idea pops up and you don't want it to slip away! SPARE PHONE CHARGER WATER BOTTLE If you're using a phone at work, keeping a spare charger on your desk will save your day, especially when your battery runs low. The best part is you can use it to charge your personal phone before your journey home. You may bring your own glass or tumbler instead of buying bottled water every day. This will save you a lot of money and will keep you hydrated even during working hours. FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS LIGHT SNACKS If your tummy suddenly grumbles and you have no food to grab, you might be tempted to buy unhealthy munchies to appease your hunger. Stuff your desk with light snacks, such as nuts or saltine crackers, so you won't ruin your healthy diet. Since your loved ones are away from you, keeping framed photos of them will make your stressful days much bearable. It's a kind of decoration that will give you an extra dose of inspiration. BOX OF FACIAL TISSUES MINI PERSONAL HYGIENE AND FIRST AID KIT Have you ever experienced that awkward moment at work when you suddenly sneezed and you have no hankie to reach? Let a box of tissue accompany you during work hours. It will save you a lot of icky embarrassment. You may want to consider storing travel-size personal care products, such as sanitizer and mouthwash, for grooming breaks. Plus, stock first aid and medical necessities, such as Betadine and adhesive bandages, on your desk. You will never know when you will need them. HEADPHONES/ EARPHONES JACKET AND MINI FAN Don't you enjoy tuning in to music while working? Well, you don't have to endure the clamor all keyboards and pens make. Keep a spare headphones or earphones on your desk, so you can escape the silence whenever you want to. Is the temperature in your office too cold? A spare jacket will keep you warm. Likewise when the room gets humid and hot, a mini fan will keep you cool. RESUMEPROFESSIONALWRITERS

10 Things You Need in Your Office Desk

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These things are more than just decorations on your desk; they are NECESSITIES.


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