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10 Superheroes at Work

WERGES AT WORKoymien by weekdone YOU ARE THE CLARK KENTS AND BRUCE WAYNES OF THE OFFICE Weekdone helps you rip off your gray suits. Give praise to your superpowers and effort you bring daily into the routine of the concrete jungle. Superhuman ability to stay positive in the hardest conditions imaginable. Uses the shield to bounce off all the negative vibes. Raises others above their daily frustrations. Captain Positivity Intelligent. Driven by sense of mission, honor and responsibility to get the job done. Often, works into the night, so others don't have to. You need them when things get tough. Combatiman Possess unnatural power of empathy. Sees the world through the eyes of others. Intuitively hears the unvoiced questions and gives comfort to those in need. Prevents burnouts and major conflicts. Professor E Master mindset shifter. Mistaken for a multitasker, will drive the "planners" crazy, but stays productive in the unknown. You need them in constantly changing situations. Adaptique Compare, compete, conquer! That's the motto. They are agile, quick and turn ordinary tasks into competitive games. They thrive in performance based jobs. Clash Winning Others Over A.K.A. "Man of Friends". There are no strangers only friends they haven't met. They know everybody in the office including their birthdays. Natural salesm clients over. that help win Wooperman Possess the gift of precision and discipline. Polished through the years of doing lists, timetables and schedules. Eye fixed on a deadline. Nit-pickers who make sure projects are on track. Planeye Seemingly limitless power to get things done. Impatient, will go through walls, stepping on some toes along the way. Helps others to get their project going. Steer them into the right direction. Hulktivator Rare ability to see the detailed future. Suffers from apathy because nobody "understands" them. They are the visionaries who predict trends and come up with new solutions. Dr. Futurisic Data suit protects them from wishful thinking and unproved theories. Unhuman in terms of 01 11001 1100101 1011101110010 1101001 e1110100 100101 01110010 0100000 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101100 01101100 analytical ability and treating others. You need them to figure out problems nobody else is capable of. MRC M- M+ Data man ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER YOUR INNER SUPERHERO? Take the QUIZ

10 Superheroes at Work

shared by weekdone on Jan 11
They are the Clark Kents and Bruce Waynes of the office. Let’s rip off these gray suits and reveal the real Superheroes at work. Discover your inner Superhero at work by taking this QUIZ: weekdone....






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