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10 Steps to Sell your Used Car 10 STEPS TO SELL YOUR CAR Know The Market Market based on the type of the car Family sedans are always wanted by those who need a basic, inexpensive transportation. Convertibles and Sport cars usually sold better in summer and spring, but not in fall or winter. Trucks and Vans have steady sales since they are used for work. .. Check online ads to know the market of the car you're going to sell Collector cars are hard to sell, but once you got an interested buyer, you'll get a great price. Decide it's price Be sure to check these thing before setting the price: Mileage Options Color Conditions You can check the price of similar cars to your car on the online ads Region Put some make up on it Wash and Make sure Do some Clean the Clean both Clean all of low-cost repair interior for all of the the brakes and the tires so that vacuum it that it is the reflective mechanically surface such sound and junks as the body and the free from it will look as good as dents, dings and scrapes windows new Ifit need Wipe the dashboard and empty the ashtrays Prepare all of Ask a Order a vehicle the servicing, or oil change, mechanic to history report from maintenance check its record take care of it condition 4) Where to put the ads? Websites Social Media Message boards (Online forum) Facebook f Word of mouth The car's Twitter own body 5 Make a selling ads Several catchphrase that will help you sell the car: Must Sell! Asking Price OBO (Or Best Offer) Firm Show your car By showing your car, you can evaluate prospective buyer, as well as they can evaluate you. You can show your car at: • The park near your house • The shopping center near your house 7 Responding for price negotiation "I like the car, but."This is the softest way of them to say that the price is too high, you may want to respond to them by saying, "How much you be willing to pay?" "What's your best price?" A more direct way to ask for a lower price. To respond to this question, do not seem to eager to lower your price. "Would you accept...?" The buyer starting to make an offer, but still leave a room for you to "Take it or leave it"The buyer indicated their final offer and seem to leave you no room for counteroffer. Let them leave, and see if they will come back and buy your car with your price. make a counteroffer. 8. 8 Handling Complications Be ready when the prospective buyer bring your car to his/her mechanic before deciding to buy it. When the mechanic found several problems to your car you might want to lower the price of the car. However, if you think that the problems are not essentials, you can tell him/her that this is an old car after all, you cannot expect it to be as perfect as new. Finalizing the sale Check the rule of sales by visiting Department of Motor Vehicle in your state. Limit your liability after you sell your car Once you have the money, record the odometer reading and sign the car's title over to the buyer. When you still owe money on the car, and the bank hold the title, conclude the sale at the bank. 10 After the sale Just be sure that you have the buyer inspect the car's condition before the sale, and you won't be responsible for any damage to the car after the sale. No warranty for used car, and the condition is considered "as is" Rich's CAR CORNER Best PRICE Best VALUE Source: SALE O

10 Steps to Sell your Used Car

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0 comments - Are you planning to sell off your used car? It can be really difficult to get a good selling value of your used car. Here is a 10 point checklist that will help you ge...




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